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ap euro terms 2

giovanni bellini an italian renaissance painter, moved painting to a new sensuos and colouristic style, 1430-1516
dante alighieri italian writer who is the author of Divine Comedy, atteneded sicilian school, 1265-1321
michelangelo italian sculptor and painter who built the statue of david, renaissance man, 1475-1564
francesco petrach italian scholar and poet, typically called the father of humanism, based off of his works the imodern day italian language was formed
filippo brunelleschi engineer and architect of Renaissance, based in florence, 1377-1446
giovanni boccaccio italian author and poet, wrote on famous women, 1313-1375
baldassare castiglione count of novilara, was in humanist studies but took his dead fathers throne, 1478-1529
niccolo machiavelli italian philosopher and writer and politician, writer of the prince, 1469-1527
donatello renaissance artist and sculptor, known for his work of bassciliveo, 1386-1466
leonardo da vinci italian genious who varied from subjects of literature to anatomy, painter of the mona lisa and the last supper, 1452-1519
raffaelo santi italian painter and architect, another renaissance man, painter of the school of athens, 1438-1520
tiziano vecellio better known as titan, painter in the 16th century, painted backgrounds and religious subjects, would later influence western art
the western schism gregory XI ended avignon papacy, urban VI moved it back,
council of constance 1414 eleccted martin V
battle at poitiers hundred years war, september 19th, 1356
battle at agincourt hundred years war, october 25, 1495, notable for the use of the english longbow
the "babylonian captivity" 1305-1378
wat tyler's rebellion english peasants revolt, 1381, london
the concordat of bologna 1516, francis I didnt like the pope Leo X tking the churches money. allowed him to take it in time of need with his permission
pragmatic sanction of bourges 1438 issued by king charles VII on July 7th 1438, required general church council to be held every ten years to elect ecclesiastical offices and prevented pope from benifiting from this power
the sack of rome May 5th 1527, Chares V, HOly Roman emporer, crucial victory against Charles I of SPaiin
the development of the german diet refered to as the reichstag, consisted of three estates imperial electors, imperial princes, imperial cities
the development of the cortes also consisted of three estates prelates, commoners, and nobles, king had power to call court but also dismiss it
the development of the french estates general formed in 102, council made of secular and clerical lords, many parliamnets underneath but Paris' is the main one
the first crusade occured in 1095, pope urban II, conquered jerusalem in 1099
council of pisa 1409 elected alexander V
lay investiture major dispute between Henry IV and pope gregory VII in the 11th and 12th century
printing press made by johannes gutenberg who was a goldsmith in 1440
gunpowder entered europe in 1257 and affected the way war was fought
windmills used mostly in north western europe and was used for pumping water and for communication
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