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-a No, not, without
a/an- No, not, without
Acr(o) Extremities
Acro- Extremities, Arms and Legs
-ad Toward
Adrenal, gland
-al Pertaining to
Amni(o) Amnion
Angi(o) Vessel
Aort(o) Aorta
Append(o) Appendix
Arteri(o) Artery
Arthr(o) Joint, articulation
Atri(o) Atrium
Bacter(i) Bacteria
Blephar(o) Eyelid
Brady- Slow
Calc(i) Calcium
Capni(o) Carbon Dioxide
Cardi(o) Heart
Caud(o) Tail
-cele Hernia
-centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid
Cephal(o) Head
Cheil(o) Lip
Chir(o) Hand
Chol(e) Bile
Choledoch(o) Common Bile Duct
Chondr(o) Cartilage
Col(o) Colon, Large Intestine
Crin(o) To secrete
Cry(o) Cold
Crypt(o) Hidden
Cutane(o) Skin
Cyan(o) Blue
-cyst Bladder, Cyst
Cyst(o) Cyst
Cyt(o) Cell
-cyte Cell
-cytes Cells
Dacry(o) Tear
Dactyl(o) Digits, Fingers or Toes
-derm Skin
Derm(o) Skin
Dermat(o) Skin
-desis Binding, Fusion
Dipl(o) Double
Dips(o) Thirst
Dors(o) Dorsal, Back
-dynia Pain
Dys- Bad, Difficult
-ea Pertaining to
-eal Pertaining to
Echo- Sound
-ectomy Excision, surgical removal or cutting out
-edema Swelling
Electr(o) Electricity
-emesis Vomiting
-emia Condition of the blood
Encephal(o) Brain
End(o) Inside
Enter(o) Small intestine, intestines
Erythr(o) Red
Ex(o) Out,without,away from
Exo- Out,without,away from
Extra- Out,without,away from
Fet(o) Fetus
Gastr(o) Stomach
-genesis Producing,forming
Gloss(o) Tongue
Glycos(o) Sugar
Gon(o) Genitals,reproduction
-gram A record
-graphy Process of recording
Gravid(a) Pregnant female
Heli(o) Sun
Hem(o) Blood
Hemat(o) Blood
Hidr(o) Perspiration, sweat
Hydr(o) Water
Hyper- Excessive, more than normal
-hyper Excessive, more than normal
Hypo- Beneath or below normal
Hyster(o) Uterus
-ia Condition
-ic Pertaining to
Intra- Within
Ipsi- Same
Ped(o) Child, foot
-ium Membrane
Kary(o) Nucleus
Kinesi(o) Movement,motion
Lapar(o) Abdominal wall
Laryng(o) Larynx
Later(o) Side
Leuk(o) White
Lip(o) Fat, Lipid
-lith Stone,Calculus
Lith(o) Stone, calculus
-ist The one who
-itis Inflammation
-logic Pertaining to the science or study of
-lysis Destroying or process of destroying
-logical Pertaining to the science of study of
-logist One who studies; specialist
-logy Study or science of
Nas(o) Nose
Nat(o) Birth
Ne(o) New
-neo New
Nephr(o) Kidney
Neur(o) Nerve
Norm(o) Normal
-nulli None
-oid Resembling
Olig(o) A few
-oma Tumor
Omphal(o) Umbilicus, Navel
Onc(o) Tumor
Onych(o) Nail
Oophor(o) Ovary
Ophthalm(o) Eye
-opia Vision
Opt(o) Vision
Or(o) Mouth
Orchi(o), Or- chid(o) Testis
Orth(o) Straight
-osis Condition
Oste(o) Bone
Ot(o) Ear
-ous Pertaining to
Ox(i) Oxygen
Par(o) Bearing offspring Like oviparous or multipara
Path(o) Disease
-pathy Disease
Peps(o) Digestion
Peri- Around
-pexy Surgical fixation
Phago Eat, ingest
Pharing(o) Pharynx
Phas(o) Speech
Phleb(o) Vein
Pleg(o) Paralysis Paraplegia
Phon(o) Voice
-plasty Surgical, repair
Pleur(o) Pleura
-pnea Breathing
-poiesis Production
Poikil(o) Irregular
Poly- Many
Post- After, behind
Protein(o) Protein
Psych(o) Mind
-ptosis Prolapse (get out of it's place)
Pyo- Pus
Pyr(o) Fire
Quadri- Four
Rachi(o) Spinal Column
Ren(o) Kidney
Retro- Behind, backward
Rhin(o) Nose
Rhytid(o) Wrinkle (Cirugia plastica, Rhytidoplasty)
-rraphy Suture
-rrhea Flow, discharge
Salping(o) Uterine tube
Scler(o) Hard
-scope Instrument used for viewing
-spasm Twitching, cramp
Sperm(o) Spermatozoa
Spher(o) Round
Spir(o) To breath
Spondyl(o) Vertebrae
Sub- Beneath, under
Supra- Above,beyond
Syn- Sym- Joined, together. (Symbiosis)
Tachy- Fast
Test(o) Testicle
-therapy Treatment
Thorac(o) Chest
Thromb(o) Thrombus, Clot
-tomy Incision, Cutting into tissue
-toxic Poison
Trache(o) Trachea
Trans- Across
-tripsy Surgical crushing (calculus)
Ur(o) Urine
Ur(o) Urinary tract, urine,bladder
Urethr(o) Urethra
Vas(o) Vessel, ductus deference (tubo)
Ven(o) Vein
Xanth(o) Yellow
Xero- Dry (Xero-derma)
-y condition
Macr(o) Large, great
Myel(o) Bone Marrow, Spinal Cord. (Medula)
Micr(o) Small
My(o) Muscle
Myc(o) Fungus
-malacia Abnormal softening. (Ophthalmo/malacia)
Mamm(o) Breast
Mast(o) Breast
Megal(o) Large, Enlarged
Metr(o) Measure, Uterine Tissue
-metry Process of measuring
Pain along a nerve
Suprarenal gland



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