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Ch 09 P Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

anastomosis creation of an opening between two normally separate structures
aneurysmectomy surgical removal of an aneurysm
angioplasty surgical reconstruction of a vessel
angiorrhapphy suture of a vessel
antianginal drug that prevents or relieves the symptoms of angina pectoris
antiarrhythmic drug that opposes an irregular heartbeat
anticoagulant drug that opposes the coagulation of blood
antihypertensive drug that opposes high blood pressue
aortorrhaphy suture of the aorta
aortotomy incision into the aorta
arteriectomy surgical removal of an artery
arterioplasty surgical reconstruction of an artery
arteriorrhaphy suture of an artery
atherectomy surgical removal of fatty plaque within an artery
cardiomyotomy incision into the heart muscle
cardiopulmonary bypass procedure that temporarily circulates and oxygenates a patient's blood during a portion of heart surgery where the heart is stopped
cardiopulmonary resuscitation basic life support
cardiothoracic surgery surgery that involves cutting through the patient's chest to get to the heart
cardiotonic a drug that increases the stregnth of heart contractions
cardioversion returning a heart to normal rhythm
coronary arterectomy surgical removal of a coronary artery
coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) borrowed piece of blood vessel used to bypass a blocked artery in the heart
coronary artery bypass surgery surgery to bypass a blocked artery in the heart
embolectomy surgical removal of an embolus
endarterectomy surgical removal of the inside of an artery
percutaneous coronary intervention alternate treament for the coronary artery that passes instruments up a patient's blood vessels into the heart
pericardiocentesis puncture of the tissue around the heart
pericardiotomy incision into the tissue around the heart
phlebectomy procedure to create an opening between two veins
thrombolytic drug that breaks down clots
valvectomy surgical removal of a heart valve
valvotomy incision into a heart valve
valvuloplasty surgical reconstruction of a heart valve
varicotomy surgical removal of a varicose vein
vasoconstrictor drug that constricts or narrows the diameter of a blood vessel
vasodilator drug that caused the relaxation or expansion of a blood vessel
vasopressor drug that constricts or narrows the diameter of a blood vessel
venectomy surgical removal of a vein
ventriculotomy incision into a ventricle
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