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Ch 09 O Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

angiogenesis development of blood vessels
angiogram record of the blood vessels
angiography procedure to describe the blood vessels
angiolith stone forming in the wall of a blood vessel
angiopoiesis formation of blood vessels
angiosclerosis hardening of a blood vessel
angioscope device for looking into a blood vessel
aortectasia dilation of the aorta
aortic stenosis narrowing of the aorta
aortogram record of the aorta
aortolith stone deposit in the wall of the aorta
arteriogram record of an artery
arteriolith stone in an artery
arteriorrhexis rupture of an artery
arteriosclerosis hardening of an artery
atherogenesis formation of fatty plaque on the wall of an artery
atherosclerosis hardening of an artery due to build-up of fatty plaque
blood pressure force exerted by blood on the walls of the blood vessels
bradycardia slow heartbeat
cardiac catheterization the process of inserting a tube (catheter) into the heart
cardiologist heart specialist
cardiology branch of medicine dealing with the heart
cardiomegaly enlarged heart
cardiotoxic poisonous to the heart
cardiovascular pertaining to the heart and blood vessels
circulation moving of blood from the heart through the vessels and back to the heart
coronary circulation circulation of blood from the heart to the heart muscle
cyanosis a bluish appearance to the skin; a sign that the tissue isn't receiving enough oxygen
diastolic pressure pressure exerted on blood vessels when the heart is relaxed
echocardiogram image of the heart produced using sound waves
echocardiography use of sound waves to produce an image of the heart
electrocardiogram record of the electrical currents of the heart
electrocardiography procedure for recording the electrical currents of the heart
embolism blockage in a blood vessel caused by an embolus
embolus mass of matter present in the blood
endocardium tissue lining the inside of the heart
epicardium tissue lining the outside of the heart
ischemia blockage of blood flow to an organ
murmur abnormal heart sound
myocardium heart muscle tissue
occlusion closing or blockage of a passage
pericardium tissue around the heart
phlebologist specialist in veins
phlebology study of veins
phlebosclerosis hardening of a vein
phlebotomist one who draws blood
phlebotomy incision into a vein (technical term for drawing blood)
pulmonary circulation circulation of blood from the heart to the lungs
sonography use of the sound waves to produce diagnostic images; also called an ultrasound
stress electrocardiogram image of the heart produced using sound waves while the patient experiences increases of exercise stress
systemic circulation circulation of blood from the heart to the rest of the body
systolic pressure pressure exerted on blood vessels when the heart is contracting
tachycardia rapid heartbeat
thrombus blood clot (from Greek for lump or clot)
transesophageal electrocardiogram recording of the heart using sound waves performed by inserting the sonograph into the esophagus
varicose veins enlarged, dilated vein toward the surface of the skin
vascular endoscopy procedure to look inside a blood vessel
vasospasm involuntary contraction of a blood vessel
vena cava large-diameter vein that gathers blood from the body and returns it to the heart
inferior vena cava portion of the vena cava that gathers blood from the lower portion of the body
superior vena cava portion of the vena cava that gathers blood from the upper portion of the body (head and arms)
venogram record of a vein
venosclerosis hardening of vein
venospasm involuntary contraction of a vein
venostasis trapping of blood in an extremity due to compression
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