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Art Test #8

Frida Kahlo Mexican muralist, painted husband on forehead bc she was thinking of him, third eye
Cubism Picasso, geometric shapes
d'Avignon Picasso's oil on canvas, began Cubist movement, not considered cubist painting
Guernica Picasso's oil on canvas, bull: human irrationality, horse: Spain's torment, pain/chaos/agony, black/white/grey for message/mood
Nude Descending Staircase Duchamp, controversial Cubist painting, motion
Diagonal Composition Mondrain, non-objective painting, stand on one corner
Bird in Space Brancusi, bronze, sculpture of flight
Giacometti Man Pointing, bronze, sculptures were emaciated/elongated forms
Dali Most famous Surrealist, Persistence of Memory
I and the Village Chagall, cow dreaming of milkmaid, dreamlike memories
Klee Happy quality (Twittering Machine)
Miro Black lines, flat shapes, primary colors, white, and black with abstract people
Time Transfixed Magritte, oil on canvas, Surrealism
Object Oppenheim, wrapping objects in fur
Steerage Sailing to Europe, people separated still affects people
Lange Finest photographers, Great Depression, migrant workers
Adams Emotional response in wilderness
O' Keeffe Abstraction, paintings of flowers/nature, bones, landscapes
Created by: archergirl