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Word Terminals

-ic, -al, -ac -ical; -tic Pertaining to
-y The act, or result of an action; A condition or quality
-ia A disease; An unhealthy state or condition
-um; -is; - us; -on; Noun ending; Used to form the name of a thing from the root
-ar -ary Pertaining to; Having a connection with
-cle Small; Little
-e Means of; Instrument for
-an; -ian; -ician Of or belonging to; Frequently, a person belonging to or associated with
-ide A Terminal used in the naming of chemical compounds
-ist One who practices; One who does; One who is concerned with
-ium Noun ending; Frequently means place or region, lining or covering tissue
-ule Small, Little;
-ular Pertaining to a small or little; Pertaining to a small version of the thing by the main part of the word
-ate To perform; To put into action; To bring about
-ac Affected by, having; Frequently one who id affected by
-ad toward, in the direction of
-form having the same form; Shaped like; Resembling
-ion Action; Condition resulting from action
-ior Roughly meaning "More Toward"
-or Action; Results; That which does something or has some particular function 2. A person or thing that does something or has some particular function
-ous Full of; Abounding in; Having
-ure Result of an action; Means of an action; Device
-a -ae(plural) Noun ending; Used to form the name of a thing from a root
-ant Pertaining to; Having the characteristics of
-ation; -ition A process, action, or condition
-esis Condition or process
-ics The body of facts, knowledge, matter, etc., pertaining to a subject and hence a science or art; The study of
-in Organic compounds such as carbohydrates and protein
-ly In a manner, in a way, by way of, toward
-es -s Plural ending
-id Pertaining to; "Being"
-ness State; Quality; Instance of being
-ian Belonging to or having some relation to; One Believing in or following
-ism An abnormal condition
-ite A part of the body or bodily organ
-itic Pertaining to or affected by inflammation
-ance; -ancy; -ence A state or condition; The act of
-ization Action, or process
-ity Condition; Character
-ive Of, relating to, having the nature or quality of
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