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Maders chp 8 nervous

Nervous system Prado

What lets muscles do something as related to the nervous system? nerves activate effectors/motor output
The brain and spinal cord are what part of the nervous system? Central Nervous system
The nerves that come off the spinal cord and brain are what part of the nervous system? Peripheral Nervous System
Nerves that come off the brain to the face are what> Cranial nerves
Nerves that come off the spine to other locations are what? Spinal nerves
What is a individual nerve called? Neuron
What cells make myelin, phagocytosis, make CSF, maintain ion balance, and are responsible for re-uptake of neurotransmitters? Glial
What is the white fatty substance around the axon? Myelin
What is the function of myelin? protection, insulation, conduction of impulses
Sensory/Afferent neurons send messages where? CNS
Motor/Efferent neurons send messages where? CNS to PNS
Where do Efferent msgs end up? Muscles
What is the function of a dendrite? Grab message
what is the function of the Axon? message "highway?
What neurons are entirely within the CNS Interneurons
How long do neurons live? Life
the Sodium potassium pump is what type of transport system? Active
If the cell is "resting" the cell membrane is what? Polarized (-)
If the resting membrane is reversed the cell is what? Depolarized (+)
conduction of the action potential is called what? propagation
The faster messages get sent on _____ axons. myelinated
why are myelinated axons' messages faster? Jumping in nodes of ranier
What is another term for myelinated propagation? Saltatory
What role do the synaptic vesicles have? Carry neurotransmitters to axon terminal
the neurotransmitters are released into the synaptic cleft when? then the impulse arrives and the vesicle fuses with presynaptic membrane
What grabs the neurotransmitters after they are released? dendrite or muscle/effector
Why won't every message cause a reaction? Has to reach action potential
There are over 25 identified ______ molecules id in the nervous system Neurotransmitter
what happens to neorotransmitters are theyre released by the presynaptic membrane? some bind w/ postsynaptic membrane, some are re-uptaken by the glial cells
What is a cluster of cell bodies in the PNS? Ganglia
What is a cluster of axons in pns? Nerve
What is a cluster of cell bodies in the CNS? Nuclei
What are clusters of axons in teh CNS? Tracts
Cell bodies and small unmyslinated axons are what? Grey matter
Mylinated axons, nerves/tracts are what? White matter
What are bundles of nerve fibers called? Fasicles
What is the layer of connective tissue surrounding an idividual axon? endoneurium
What is the layer of connective tissue surrounding fasicles? Perineurium
What is the layer of connective tissue surrounding a entire nerve? Epineurium
The Meneges and CFS are CNS ____ structures. Supportive
The three protective membranes around outer surfaces of brain and spinal cord are? Dura mater, Arachnoid mater, and Pia Mater
where is the Epidural space in the meneges? Btwn Bone and Dura mater
Where is the Sub dural space in the meneges?> Btwn dura and arachnoid mater
Where is the sub arachnoid space in the meneges? below the acrachnoid
Where is there no space in the meneges? btwn Pia mater and brain for spinal cord
What is hydrocephalus? to much CSF
What can cause to much CFS? to much is made or blockage that effects reabsorbtion.
the four main regions of the brain are the Cerebrum, ____, brain stem, and cerebellum. Diencephalon
Largest part of the the brain is what? Cerebrum
corpus callosum is what type of matter? white
cerebral cortex is what type of matter?> Grey
cerebrum is primary _____ area and primary _____ area motor, sensory
grey matter area of cerebrum controls what? motor, and limbic (learning, memory)
Diencephalon includes the thalamus and the _____ hypothalamus
hypothalamus controls _______functiions homeostatic
thalamus is the _____ editor sensory
Brain stem or
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