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What is the maximum volume of blood that can be collected from a 110-lb donor, including samples for processing? 525 ml
How often can a blood donor donate whole blood? every 8 weeks
When RBCs are stored, there is a "shift to left". This means: Hemoglobin oxygen affinity increases, owing to a decrease in 2,3 DPG
The majority of platelets transfused in the United States today are: Apheresis platelets
What anticoagulant preservative provides a storage time of 35 days at 1 degree Celsius to 6 degrees Celsius for units of whole blood and prepared RBCs if an additive solution is added? CPDA-1 Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Adenine 1
What are the current storage time and temperature for platelet concentrates and apheresis platelet components? 5 days at 20-24 degrees Celsius
What is the minimum number of platelets required in a platelet concentrate prepared from whole blood by centrifugation? (90% of sampled units) 5.5x10 to the 10th power
RBCs can be frozen for 10 years
What is the minimum number of platelets required in apheresis component (90% of the sampled units) 3x10 to the power of 11
Whole blood and RBC units are stored at what temperature? 1-6 degrees Celsius
Additive solutions are approved for storage of RBCs for how many days? 42 days
One criterion used by the FDA for approval of new preservation solutions and storage containers is an average of 24-hour post-transfusion RBC survival of more than: 75%
What is the lowest allowable pH for a platelet component outdate? 6.2
Frozen and thawed RBCs processed in an open system can be stored for how many days/hours? 24 hours
What is the hemoglobin source for hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers in advanced clinical setting? Bovine and Human hemoglobin
What occurs during storage of RBCs? pH decreases
Nucleic acid amplification testing is used to test donor blood for? HCV HIV West Nile virus
It is not an FDA-approved test for quality control of platelets? Gram Stain
Prestorage pooled platelets can be stored for: 5 days
What is most common cause of bacterial contamination of platelet products? Entry of skin plugs into the collection bag
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