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Ch 13 P Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

cervicectomy surgical removal of the cervix
colpopexy surgical fixation of the vagina
colpoplasty surgical reconstruction of the vagina
episiorrhaphy suture of the vulva
hysterectomy surgical removal of the uterus
hysteropexy surgical fixation of the uterus
hysteriosalpingectomy surgical removal of the uterus an d fallopian tubes
mammoplasty surgical reconstruction of a breast
mastectomy surgical removal of a breast
mastopexy surgical fixation of a breast
myomectomy surgical removal of a tumor in the muscle (usually refers to the uterine wall)
oophorectomy surgical removal of an ovary
oophorocystectomy surgical removal of an ovarian cyst
oophorotomy incision in to an ovary
ovarian cystectomy surgical removal of an ovarian cyst
ovariocentesis surgical puncture of an ovary
ovariostomy creation of an opening into an ovary
perineorrhaphy suture of the perineum
salpingectomy surgical removal of a fallopian tube
salpingo-oophorectomy surgical removal of a fallopian tube and ovary
salpingopexy surgical fixation of a fallopian tube
perineoplasty surgical reconstruction of the perineum
perineotomy incision into the perineum
vaginoperineoplasty surgical reconstruction of the vagina and perineum
vaginoperinotomy incision into the vagina and perineum
vaginoplasty surgical reconstruction of the vagina
abortifacient drug or device that causes the termination of a pregnancy
amniotomy incision into the amnion
cesarean section delivery of a baby through an incision made in the uterus
episotomy incision into the vulva
hysterotomy incision into the uterus
induced abortion intentional termination of a pregnancy
in vitro fertilization fertilization of an egg done in a test tube
oxytocin agent that stimulates uterine contractions and accelerates labor
tocolytic agent that stops or delays premature labor and contractions
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