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Euro Civ Week 3

What is "Beggar's Opera" a Satire of? opera, high society, and the justice system
In "The Marriage of Figaro", who does Figaro represent? the bourgeouisie, he seems to be the voice of Beaumarchais
What are cat calls? Cat calls are children's toys that were made of cat gut. The toy made a shrill noise and many brought them into operas, bothering the actors.
What is meant by "Newgate Pastoral" pastoral=countryside John Gay's opera was had a different setting than the other operas of his time. He didn't set the opera on the countryside, rather in Urban London.
Which estate pays most of the taxes? the third estate
What does it mean to read the "neck verse"? When someone is reading the neck verse, they are pleading the clergy. One would have to read a passage from the bible in order to show they can read and therefore save their neck.
What does it mean to plead the belly? Women on death row could plead that they are pregnant. They could not be hung if they were pregnant. The "child getter" would impregnate a woman to save her life.
How did John Gay lose a fortune? He invested in the South Sea Trading Stock. The South Sea bubble popped and he lost everything.
Who is one person who actually gained money from investing in the South Sea Trading Stock? Sarah Churchill: one of the few who gained money. She realized that the stock couldn't continue to go up for forever.
Gay's ballad opera is considered the source of______. modern musical comedy
Why didn't everyone approve of John Gay's "Beggar's Opera"? Some thought it would have an evil effect on people's minds because it glorified criminals and prostitutes.
Macheath and Peachum are based on whom? Jonathan Wild
How did the Greek comedy develop? From Dionysian celebrations of the harvest. Dionysus was the God of Wine.
When and Why did the theaters close? They were considered immoral by Puritans and were closed in 1642 for 18 years until the succession of Charles II
Who shut down the theatre and why? Cromwell; he thought theatre could be used to promote political propaganda and closed the theatre from 1642-1660.
Which theatre is associated with Shakespeare? The Globe
In "The Beggar's Opera," who does Bob Booty represent? Robert Walpole. British Prime Minister who was charged with enriching himself at country's expense.
Who made up the first estate and what percentage of the population did the first estate include? The clergy, about .5% of the total population
Who made up the second estate and what percentage of the population did the second estate include? Nobility, about 2-2.5% of the total population
Who made up the third estate and what percentage of the population did the third estate include? The Bourgeoise, the lesser Bourgeoise, the urban poor, and the peasants made up the third estate and about 97% of the population
How many times did Beaumarchais marry? Three
What is the Droit de Segnior? The belief that nobility had the "first fruits" of the people that worked below them. This idea extended, as seen in The Marriage of Figarro, to mean that a lord was entitled to the first night with a newly married woman.
In "The Marriage of Figaro," who does the Count represent? Louis XVI. The Count is a short tempered, easily confused, and flamboyant character.
In theater, when did scenes move from the church to the outdoors? Medieval Drama (10th century to 15th century)
Translations and imitations of classical drama are part of Renaissance Drama (1500-1642)
Greek comedy developed from celebrations of Dionysian
Renaissance dramas were performed in Inns of Court
The first public theatre (1576) was called The Theatre
There was a temporary death of drama from 1642-1660 due to Puritans beliefs that theatres were the "Scenes of licentious corruption"
The death of drama ended after 18 years when Charles II succeeded the throne
What is the period of drama from 1660-1700 called? Restoration Drama
During the rebirth of the theater, what was created to teach people how to act? Nurseries
Which artist created prints showing fairs and public gatherings? William Hogarth
"The Marriage of Figaro" was written in the 1770s but not approved until 1785. What was the delay? The play took several years to approved by the censor.
What did Beaumarchais invent in 1753? He invented a new escapement for watches.
Who claimed Beaumarchais invention as his own? An official of the court presented the invention to the king. Beaumarchais sued the official and won the case.
How did Beaumarchais acquire an office? Franquet, an officer at court, died and left his office to Beaumarchais. Beaumarchais also married Franquet's widow.
What was Beaumarchais' real name? Pierre-Augustin Caron
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