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Module 04

Study Guide

angi(o)- Blood Vessel
Aort(o)- Aorta
arteri(o)- Of or pertaining to an artery
ather(o)- Fatty plaque
atri(o)- An atrium
cardi(o)- Of or pertaining to the heart
embol(o)- Embolus, plug
-emia Blood condition
hem-, hemo-, hemat(o)- Blood
hemangio- Blood vessels
-phil Attraction for
phleb(o)- Of or pertaining to the (blood) veins, a vein
-rrhagia Rapid flow of blood
scler(o)- Hardening, thickening
sten(o)- Narrowing, stricture
thromb(o)- Referring to a blood clot, clotting of blood
varic(o)- Swollen or twisted vein
vas(o)- Duct, blood vessel
vascul(o)- Blood vessel
ven- Referring to the (blood) veins, a vein
ventricul(o)- Ventricle
aer(o)- Air, gas
bronch(i)- Bronchus
laryng(o)- Of or pertaining to the larynx, the lower throat cavity where the voice box is
myx(o)- Mucus
nas(o)- Of or pertaining to the nose
ox(o)- Oxygen
pharnyg(o)- Referring to the pharynx, the upper throat cavity
phon(o)- Voice
pneum(o)-, pneumon(o)- Of or pertaining to the lungs
pneumat(o)- Air, lung
-ptysis Spitting, hemoptysis, the spitting of blood derived from the lungs of the bronchial tubes
pulmon-, pulmo- Of or relating to the lungs
rhin(o)- Of or pertaining to the nose
sinus- Of or pertaining to the sinus
spir(o)- Breathe
steth(o)- Chest
thorac(i)-, thorac(o)- Referring to the upper chest, chest; the area above the breast and under the neck
trache(o)- Trachea
blast(o)- Germ, bud
chrom(o)- Color
cyt(o)- Cell
lymph(o)- Lymph
morph(o)- Form or shape
-phylaxis Protection
reticul(o)- Net
splen(o)- Spleen
Created by: RoxanneShonte