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Medicine topic 1250-1700

What did Andreas Vesalius do? Proved Galen wrong about the jaw and heart
What did Claudius Galen do? Used treatment of opposites and discovered the brain controls the body
What did Hippocrates do? Developed the theory of the 4 Humours and an oath
What did William Harvey do? Discovered blood circulated in one direction
What did Ambroise Pare do? Used ligatures and his own ointment instead of cauterisation
What did John Snow do? Discovered a link between polluted water and cholera
what did Louis Pasteur do? Discovered germs caused disease
What did Robert Koch do? Identified different bacteria causing disease
What did Joseph Lister do? Discovered that carbolic acid kills germs
What did James Simpson do? Discovered that chloroform was an effective anaesthetic
What did Alexander Fleming do? Discovered Penicillin
What did Avicenna do? Wrote a million word medical textbook in the Middle Ages
What did Edward Jenner do? Discovered that Cowpox was a good vaccination for Smallpox
What did Florence Nightingale do? Improved standard of nursing, opened a school for nurses
What did Thomas Sydenham do? Known as the English Hippocrates, made diagnosis important
What did Florey and Chain do? Purified and developed Penicillin
Created by: Shahed-02