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Ch12 Med Vocb

Reproductive System Review

pertaining to gynecology gynecologic
what makes up the internal structures of the female genitalia ovaries, uterus, vagina, and several glands
tubes that extend laterally from the upper portion of the uterus to the region of the ovary uterine tubes
a muscular organ that prepares to receive and nurture the fertilized ovum uterus
the lower and narrower part that has the outlet from the uterus is the cervix uteri
commonly called the birth canal, is muscular and capable of sufficient expansion for passage of the child during childbirth the vagina
means pertaining to the ovary ovarian
pertaining to the uterus uterine
inflammation of the vagina and the urinary bladder colpocystitis
means pertaining to the vulva vulvar or vulval
is a pad of fatty tissue and thick skin that overlies a bone called the symphysis pubis mons pubis
small mass of erectile tissue and nerves that has similarities to the male penis clitoris
located near the urethra paraurethral
any space or cavity at the entrance to a canal vestibule
the upper, bulging surface of the uterus, above the entrance of the uterine tubes is uterine fundus
the proper name of the uterine cervix is cervix uteri
refers to the vagina and cervix uteri colpocervical
the mucous membrane that lines the uterus endometruim
a gonad ovary
its endometrium sloughs off in menstruation uterus
receives the sperm during intercourse vagina
reproductive cell ovum
usual site of fertilization fallopian tube
located beneath the brain, secrete hormaones that have significant roles in the control of reproductive functions the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland
means first menstruation menarche
the natural cessation of reproductive cycles and menstruation with decline of reproductive hormones in later years menopause
a small ovarian recess or pit that contains fluid and surrounds an ovum graafian follicle
is the release of the ovum from the follicle ovulation
the initial hormone secreted by the ovarin follicle that cause the endometrium to thicken is estrogen
is a vaginal instrument that can be pushed apart after it is inserted into the vagina to allow examination of the cervix and the walls of the vagina vaginal speculum
means the study of cells cytology
performed to detect cancer of the cervix endometrial biopsies
the direct microscopic examination of the fluid, aid in diagnosis of infections with yeast or Trichomonas, a baginal and urethral parasite wet mount
a slide-staining technique that aids in classification and ifentification of bactreria, is especially useful for vaginal smears if gonorrheas is suspected gram stain
the use of a low-powered microscope to magnify the mucosa of the vagina and the cervix colposcopy
removal of tissue from the cervix cervical biopsy
requries collection of tissue from the lining of the uterus endometrial biopsy
is the direct visual inspecion of the cervical canal and uterine cavity, using an endoscope passed throught the vagina hysteroscopy
helpful in dectecting masses, such as overian cysts pelvic ultrasonography
used to detect a tumor within the pelvis computed tomography
radiologic examination of the uterus and the utertine or fallopian tubes hystero/saplingo/graphy
the record that is produced in hysterosalpingography hysterosalpingogram
examination of the abdominal cavity with a laproscope laparoscopy
the study of cells in a Pap test is aytology
means either normal mestruation or too profuse menstruation menorrhea
hemorrhage of the uterus metrorrhagia
painful or difficult menstruation dysmenorrhea
abdominal pain in the region of an ovary during ovulation mittelschmerz
nervous tension, irritability, edema, headache, that can occur the last few days before the onset of menstruation permenstrual syndrome
inflammation of the cervix uteri cervicitis
persistent inflammation of the cervix chronic cervicitis
inflammation of the vaginal tissue vaginitis
inflammation of the vulva vulvitis
inflammation of the vulva and vagina vulvo/vaginitis
any disease of an ovary oophoropathy
inflammaion of the ovaries oophoritis
is called of overian pain oophor/algia
inflammation of an ovary and a fallopian tube oophoro/salping/itis
absence of ovulation, is failure of the ovaries to produce, mature, or release ova an/ovulation
a hormonal disturbance characterized by anovulation, amenorrhea, and infertility polycystic ovary syndrome
the leading cause of death from reproductive cancers overian cancer
hernial protrusion of a fallopian tube salpingo/cele
is one in which a fertilized ovum implants somewhere outside the uterine cavity ectopic pregnancy
uterine prolapse hysteroptosis
a forward displacement of the body of the uterus toward the pubis antiversion
common condition in which the uterus is tipped backward retro/version
bending forward of the uterus anteflexion
bending backward of the uterus retroflexion
a benign tumor ocurring in the uterus and is also called a utering fibroid uterine leiomyoma
benign lesions attached to the cervix often by a stalk, and can sometiomes be seen in a gynecologic examination cervical polyps
inflammation of the myometrium myomeritis
inflammation of the endometrium and is generally produced by bacterial invasion of the endometrium endometritis
abnormal condition n which tissue that contans typical endometrial elements is present outside the uterus endometriosis
inflammation of the vulva vulvitis
normally occurs in the adult female and is somewhat increased before and after the menstrual period leukorrhea
pain of the vagina colpodynia
are abnormal openings between the vagina and the urethra, the bladder , or the rectum vaginal fistulas
fistulas that occur between the urethra and the vagina urethro/vaginal
herniation of the urinary blader throught the wall of the vagina cystocele
occurs from weakenign between the vagina and rectum rectocele
exicision of the vulva, is characteristically used to treat cancer of the vulva vulvectomy
suture of the vagina colporrhaphy
removal of the uterus, both ovaries, and both fallopian tubes oophorosalpingectomy
removal of the ovaries and the uterus oophoro/hyster/ectomy
removal of the uterus through a small opening in the abdominal wall laparo/hyster/ectomy
surgical removal of one or both uterine tubes salpingectomy
a treatment that uses a subfrezzing temperature to destroy tissue cryo/therapy
surgical fixation of the uterus to the abdominal wall laparo/hystero/pexy
surgical fixation of the fallopian tube salpingopexy
pertaining to the scrotum scrotal
pertaining to a testicle testicullar
pertaining to sperm or semen spermatic
prodcution of mature, functional sperm capable of participating in conception, the union of a sperm with an ovum spermatio/genesis
is often called the male masculinizing hormone testosterone
is a secretion from the urthra urethral discharge
is an assessment of the prostate gland and the rectum digital rectal examination
a blood test used to screen for prostatic cancer and to montor the patient's reponse to treatment prostate-specific antigen
insufficient sperm in the semen oligo/sperm/ia
absence of sperm a/spermia or a/spermatio/genesis
a developmental defect charcterized by the failure of one or both testes to descend inot the scrotum crypt/orchid/ism
disease of the testes orchiopathy
inflammtion of a testis, marked by pain, swelling, and a feeling of weight orchiditis or orchitis
inflammation of a testicle and its epdidymis orchi/epididymitits
a mass usually filled with a straw=colored fluid hydro/cele
mass that contians sperm spermato/cele
is a cluster of dilated veins that occurs above the testis varico/cele
inflammtion of the glans penis balanitis
disorder that is nonmalignant and results in an enlarged prostate is benign prostatic hyperplasia
inflammation of the prostate prostatitis
without bacteria abacterial
excision of the testis orchiectomy
used sometimes after surgery radition therapy
sometimes used after high-dose chemotherapy stem-cell transplation
is incision of a testis orchiotomy
suture of a testicle orchiorrhaphy
corrcetive surgery for cryptorchidism orchiopexy
surgical removal of a hydrocele hydrocel/ectomy
excision of all or part of the prostate gland prostat/ectomy
is excision of a portion of the vas deferens vas/ectomy
suture of the vas deferens vas/rrhaphy
incision of the vas defernes vaso/ectomy
can sometimes be used to correct an obstruction or to resote the severed ends of the vas deferens vaso/vaso/stomy
chemical treatment for cancer chemotherapy
removal of small pieces of the prostate via the urethra turp
bph bengin prostatic hyperplasia
cx cervix
d&c dilation and curettage
fsh follicle-stimulating hormaon
gu genitourinary
gyn gynecology
hcg human chorionic gonadotropin
hrt homaone replacement therapy
lh lutenizing hormone
pap papanicolaou smear, stain or test
pid pelvic inflammatory disease
pms premenstrual syndrome
psa prostate-specific antigen
rpr rapid plasima reagin test (for syphilis)
std sexually transmitted disease
turp transurethral resection of the prostate
vdrl venereal disaese research laboratories
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