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Ch 12 Reprod System

Combining forms & Abbrevations

cervi(o) neck; uterine cervix
colp(o), vagin(o) vagina
genti(o) organs of reproduction
hyster(O), uter(o) uterus
metr(O) measure, uterine tissue
oophor(O),ovari(o) ovary
perine(o) perineum
salping(O) fallopian tube
vulv(o) vulva
o(O) egg (ovum)
lapar(o) abdominal wall
men(o) month
top(o) place or position
-tropin that which stimulates
balan(o) glans penis
epididym(o) epididymis
orchi(o), orchid(o), test(o), testicul(0) testicle
pen(o) penis
prostat(o) prostate
scrot(o) scrotum
vas(o) vessel; ductus deferens
rect(o) rectum
semin(o) semen
sperm(o), spermat(o) spermatoza
urethr(o) urethra
crypt(o) hidden
olig(o) few
varic(o) twisted and swollen
bph benign prostatic hyperplasia
cx cervix
fsh follicle-stimulating hormones
gu genitourinary
gyn gyncecology
hcg human chrionic gonadotropin
hrt horomone replacement therapy
lh luteinzing hormone
pap papanicolaou smear, stain, or test
pid pelvic inflammatory disease
pms permenstrual syndrome
psa prostate-specific antigen
rpr rapid plasma regin test
std sexually transmistted disease
vdrl veneral disease research laboratories
Created by: LSerreia