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Anatomy Flash Cards

Stack #2792417

Butterfly shaped bone in skull Sphenoid
Bone deep between nasal bone Vomer
Eye socket Orbit
Base of occipital bone; large opening Foramen magnum
Forehead bone Frontal bone
Where sound travels through External auditory meatus
Cheek bone Zygomatic bone
Lateral from cheek bone Zygomatic arch (process)
Upper jaw Maxilla
Lower jaw Mandible
Superficial in eyesocket Lacrimal
Deep in eyesocket Ethmoid
Needle-like bones under skull Styloid process
Lower back of skull Occipital
Horizontal suture on skull Coronal suture
Bone between the occipital and frontal bone Parietal
Large bone behind ear canal Mastoid process
Skull is made up of what 2 parts Cranium and facial bones
Bone that joins ribs in front (chest bone) Sternum
From neck to tail bone (column) Vertebral column
Ribs and sternum Thoracic cage
Arm bone Humerus
Forearm is made up of what two bones Radius and ulna
Wrist bones Carpals
Ankle bones Tarsals
Hand bones Metacarpals
Foot bones Metatarsals
Toes and fingers Phalanges
Each finger is called a Digit
The wrist is _____ to the hand Proximal
The breastbone is _____ to the spine Anterior
The arms are _____ to the chest Lateral
The heart is _____ to the arm Medial
The knee is _____ to the thigh Distal
Skin is _____ to the skeleton Superficial
System that forms the external body covering Integumentary System
System that protects and supports body organs Skeletal System
Fast-acting control system of the body Nervous System
Shaft of bone Diaphysis
Ends of a long bone Epiphysis
Flat plate of hyaline Epiphyseal plate
Cavity of shaft with adipose tissue Medullary cavity
Covers inside of bone Endosteum
Process during fetal development of the gnathostome Intramembranous
Skull, vertebral column, ribs, sternum Axial region
Limbs, limb girdles, attaches to axial Appendicular
System where a tube basically runs from mouth to anus Digestive system
Controls body activities slowly Endocrine system
Smallest unit of all living things Cell
Group of cells make up what Tissue
Two or more tissues make up what Organ
All organs make up what Organism
Study of how the body and its parts work or function Physiology
Study of the structure and shape of body Anatomy
Production of offspring Reproduction
Process of breaking down foods Digestion
Increase in size Growth
Body take is what through food Nutrients
Normal body temp 98 degrees F
Is negative feedback good or bad Good
Is positive feedback good or bad Bad
Area between hips Sacral
Point of shoulder Acromial
Cheek area Buccal
Neck region Cervical
Hip Coxal
Crural Leg
Antecubital Anterior surface of elbow
Antebrachial Forearm
Abdominal Anterior body trunk inferior to ribs
Genital region Pubic
Ankle region Tarsal
Umbilical Navel
Thoracic Chest
Oral Mouth
Created by: Laurenny1218