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Optum ch 2 test

Review chapter 2 test

The whole module contains three applications and they are Dashboard messages news
The dashboard is divided into three tabs Management practice meaningful use
Dashboard represents values that are refreshed overnight based on the provider and location selected in the batch the value not included is Depicts the total number of patients seen each day you won't find
In appointment wait list of patients who would like an appointment with the provider prior to their currently scheduled when I can be generated by clicking on the Waitlist link under the appointment section of the dashboard
In an active clan will be a claim that is not paid and hasn't had any follow-up activity for the last 30 days
The feature that can only be used for primary payments and is designed to make you aware of instances where are your pay less than allowed amt Verify payments
In the user access audits link you can see Total number of operators who worked in Harris care tracker p.m. in EMR date and see what they did on a specific date
We're Garlist of the filters you sat in an operating long you will never Find a provider an account receivable
The application that is a communication tool allows you to manage customer, staff and patient communications is Messages
Where would you find a provider look up link? Administration – knowledge base
Certification commission for health information technology Appointed by Department of Health and Human Services to develop & evaluate certification criteria & inspection process of EHRs
Clearinghouse Centralized location or claims or receive edited and distributed electronically insurance companies
CPT AMA Find codes for procedures level one of HCPCS
Electronic protected health information Individually identifiable health information how to maintain by a covered entity or its business associates, acting for the covered entity transmitted or maintain an any form or medium
Hybrid conversion Using a combination of paper and electronic data
International classification of diseases ICD Standard international system of classifying mortality and morbidity statistics and is used by more than 100 countries
Minimum necessary Make a reasonable act effort to limit the disclosure of protected health information to the minimum necessary accomplish the intended purpose of the use, disclosure or request
Nomenclature A system of terms Used in a particular science
Scope of practice Range of education training ability and skilled healthcare professionals expected to have and operate within according to the law and within the standard of care
Sustainability Ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level
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