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Algia Pain
Algesia Sensitivity
Blast Immature cell
Cele Herniation, swelling
Centesis Surgical puncture
Cide Kill, destroy
Crushing, breaking up
Scope Instrument to view
Itis Infection
Stasis Stopping/ controlling
Tripsy Intentional, crushing
Lysis Destruction, breaking down
Lytic Destruction
Pnea Breathing
Ist Practicioner
Ile Pertaining to
Rrhea Discharge
Rrhagia Bursting forth blood
Plegia Paralysis
Plasia Formation or development
Plasty Surgical repair
Phobia Abnormal fear
Pathy Disease, emotion
Ician Specialist
Uria Urination
Penia Deficiency
Oid Resembling, derived
Ole Little, small
Ule Little, small
Megaly Enlargement
Plasia Development
Meter Measure
Oma Tumor
Logist Person who studies
Logy Study of
Ic,ac,al,ar,ary,eal Pertaining to
A Noun ending
Ectomy Surgical removing
Gram Picture or record
Graph Instrument used to record
Pexy Surgical fixation
Rraphaphy Suturing
Rrhexis Rupture
Otomy Surgical incision
Ostomy Surgical opening
Emia Blood condition
Combining Val is needed to attach suffix to a word route When suffix begins with a consonant
Combining Val is not needed to attach suffix to a word root When something begins with a vowel
When defining a medical term Suffix 1st prefix 2nd Word root last
When Singular ends in A Change to AE
One singular form ends in AX Change to ACES
When singular form and then IS Change to ES
When are singular form ends in IX, EX,YX Change to ICES
When the singular form ends in US Change to I
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