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Michigan History

Test for MI History BA exam

How was the Erie Canal helpful to the growth of Michigan? it made it easier to travel to Michigan
Why did the people living in Michigan want more people to move to its territory? to become a state
How many people were needed for Michigan to become a state? 60,000
Once Michigan territory had 60,000 people living within its borders, what was the step they had to take to become a state? Vote on a constitution
Why did the tribes from the Three Fires get along so well? They shared similar language and culture
Name three ways the People of the Three Fires adapted to their environment. Built shelters for warmth Used animal hides for clothing Moved with the seasons
Name three ways the People of the Three Fires modified their environment. cleared land to plant crops cleared land to build villages dug holes in the ground to trap animals
Name three ways the early pioneers adapted to the environment of Michigan. built houses using materials around them found ways to survive mosquitoes and bad weather learned to travel without roads
Name the three tribes that belonged to the Three Fires. Ojibway, Ottawa, Potawatomi
Name some ways the American Indians helped the French fur traders. The American Indians traded beaver furs
Name some of the ways the French helped the American Indians? The French traded blankets, pots, and guns.
How did both the French settlers and the American Indians benefit from the fur trade? They both received things that they wanted and needed.
Describe three PULL factors that brought people into the State of Michigan. 1)Swedish people were pulled to work in copper mines 2)Farmers were pulled for rich soil & farmland 3)African Americans were pulled for freedom 4)People looking for work were pulled to the automobile industry
Why was Michigan a good place for farmers to move to? Michigan was good for farmers because of its rich soil and land
Why did the lumbermen in Michigan use the rivers? They used rivers to move logs to other places
Why did the Upper Peninsula become famous for its mining industry? The U.P. became famous for its mining industry because many minerals were found there.
What were some of the natural resources mined from the Upper Peninsula? Copper, salt, minerals, limestone
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