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Ch 11 P Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

antacid agent that neutralizes acid
antiemetic agent that prevents or relieves nausea or vomiting
cathartic agent that produces bowel movements
sialogogic agent that causes salivation
esophagectomy surgical removal of the esophagus
esophagogastroplasty surgical reconstruction of the esophagus and stomach
gastrectomy surgical removal of the stomach
gastroduodenostomy creation of an opening between the stomach and the duodenum
gastroenterostome creation of an opening between the stomach and the intestines
gastrojejunostomy creation of an opening between the stomach and the jejunem
gastropexy surgical fixation of the stomach
gastroplasty surgical reconstruction of the stomach
gingivectomy surgical removal of gum tissue
gingivoplasty surgical reconstruction of gum tissue
glossoplasty surgical reconstruction of the tongue
glossorrhaphy suture of the tongue
glossotomy incision in to the tongue
odontectomy surgical removal of a tooth
anastomosis creation of an opening: a surgical procedure connecting two previously unconnected hollow tubes
anoplasty surgical reconstruction of the anus
colectomy surgical removal of the colon
colostomy creation of an opening in the colon
duodenectomy surgical removal of the duodenum
enterectomy surgical removal of the intestines
enterorrhaphy suture of the intestines
enterotomy incision into the intestines
hemicolectomy surgical removal of half (a portion) of the colon
hemorrhoidectomy surgical removal of hemmorhoids
herniorrhaphy suture of a hernia
ileocolostomy creation of an opening between the ileum and colon
ileorrhaphy suture of the ileum
ileostomy creation of an opening into the ileum
ileotomy incision in to the ileum
jejunorrhaphy suture of the jejunum
jejunostomy creation of an opening into the jejunum
jejunotomy incision into the jejunum
proctoplasty surgical reconstruction of the anus and rectum
rectopexy surgical fixation of the rectum
abdominocentesis puncture of the abdomen (usually for the purpose of withdrawing fluid)
abdominoplasty surgical reconstruction of the abdomen
celiotomy incision into the abdomen
cholangiogastrostomy creation of an opening between the bile vessel (ducts) and stomach
cholecystectomy surgical removal of the bile (gall) bladder
choledocholithectomy surgical removal of a stone from the (common) bile duct
choledochoenterostomy creation of an opening between the (common) bile duct and the intestines
choledochotomy incision into the (common) bile duct
cholelithotomy incision to remove bile (gall) stones
cholelithotripsy crushing of bile (gall) stones
hepatectomy surgical removal of the liver
hepaticogastrostomy creation of an opening between the liver and the stomach
hepaticotomy incision into the liver
hepatopexy surgical fixation of the liver
laparoenterostomy creation of an opening between the abdomen and the intestines
laparoscopic surgery the use of a laparscope to perform minimally invasive surgery
laparotomy incision in to the abdomen
pancreatectomy surgical removal of the pancreas
pancreatoduodenectomy surgical removal of the pancreas and duodenum
pancreatolithectomy surgical removal of stones in the pancreas
sialoadenectomy surgical removal of the salivary gland
sialolithotomy incision t remove salivary stones
stomatoplasty surgical reconstruction of the mouth
Created by: DarrinWan
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