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Medical Concepts

Chapter 1,2 & 3

Physician two types Medical Doctor, and the doctor of osteopathy (DO) both are MD DO concentrate on musculoskeletal
The life cycle of a medical practice Introduction, growth, maturity, decline, revitalization
Three types of Medical Business Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation,
Sole proprietorship Sole proprietorship- the physician owner employs needed personnel,collects all revenues
Partnership Partnership - consists of two or more doctors / potential to create more revenue legal and financial advantages down side interpersonal problems between partners
Corporation Is a simulated person or entity that is separate from the owners. advantages: limited liability: damages and debt, raise capitol by issuing stock the life span of the practice is unlimited disadvantage: high taxes are associated with corporations,
Future of health Care Cost, Quality, Access
Costs The aging population, the uninsured, high rate of chronic conditions that are preventable, paper pushers
Quality Medical and lab errors,
Access Not enough doctors and nurse
Team work Collaborate and gather information regarding issues, analyzes and prioritize it make a plans and implements the plan. Team work delivers quality service, efficiency of operations decreased stress
cross training it is critical if an employee is absent is can cripple a medical practice cross training can insure consitncy in the operation of an office. It can also identify hidden talents. It a morale booster it promotes fresh thinking and ideas about the position
Created by: cameronslc
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