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Medical Terminology

aden(o)- gland
angi(o) vessel
appendic(o)- appendix
arteri(o)- artery
arthr(o)- joint
aur(i)- ear
blephar(o)- eyelid
brachi(o)- arm
bronch(o)- bronchus
bronchi(o)- bronchus
capit(o)- head
cardi(o)- heart
cephal(o)- head
cerebr(o)- cerebrum
cervic(o)- neck
cheil(o)- lip
cheir(o)- hand
chir(o)- hand
cholecyst(o)- gallbladder
chondr(o)- cartilage
chondri(o)- cartilage
col(o)- colon
colon(o)- colon
cost(o)- rib
cox(o)- hip
crani(o)- cranium (skull)
crur(o)- leg
cut(i)- skin
cubit(o)- elbow
cyst(o)- bladder
dactyl(o)- finger, toe
dent(o)- tooth
dent(i)- tooth
derm(o)- skin
dermat(o)- skin
digit(o)- finger, toe
disc(o)- inter-vertebral disc
encephal(o)- brain
enter(o)- intestine
faci(o)- face
femor(o)- femur
gastr(o)- stomach
gingiv(o)- gum
gloss(o)- tongue
gnath(o)- jaw
hem(o)- blood
hemat(o)- blood
hepat(o)- liver
humer(o)- humerus
hyster(o)- womb
ile(o)- ileum (intestine)
ili(o)- ilium (hip bone)
labi(o)- lip
lapar(o)- abdomen wall
laryng(o)- larynx
lingu(o)- tongue
lumb(o)- lower back
lymph(o)- lymph
mamm(o)- breast
man(i)- hand
man(u)- hand
mast(o)- breast
mening(o)- meninges
metr(o)- womb
muscul(o)- muscle
my(o)- muscle
myel(o)- spinal cord / bone marrow
nas(o)- nose
nephr(o)- kidney
neur(o)- nerve
ocul(o)- eye
odont(o)- tooth
oophor(o)- ovary
ophthalm(o)- eye
or(o)- mouth
orchi(o)- testes
orchid(o)- testes
osse(o)- bone
oste(o)- bone
ot(o)- ear
ped(i)- foot
ped(o)- foot
pod(o)- foot
pharyng(o)- pharynx
phleb(o)- vein
phren(o)- diaphragm
pneum(o)- lung
proct(o)- anus, rectum
prostat(o)- prostate
pulm(o)- lung
pulmon(o)- lung
pylor(o)- pylorus
rachi(o)- spine
ren(o)- kidney
rhin(o)- nose
somat(o)- body
splen(o)- spleen
spondyl(o)- vertebra
steth(o)- chest
stomat(o)- mouth
tal(o)- ankle
thorac(o)- chest
tonsill(o)- tonsil
trache(o)- trachea
trachel(o)- neck
trich(o)- hair
vas(o)- vessel
ven(o)- vein
vertebr(o)- vertebra
vesic(o)- bladder
viscer(o)- internal organs
uter(o)- womb
esthesi(o)- sensation
alg(o)- pain
algesi(o)- pain
albumin(o)- albumin (protein)
amyl(o)- starch
andr(o)- male
asthen(o)- weakness
ather(o)- porridge like substance
audi(o)- hearing
bio- life
blast(o)- germination
carcin(o) cancer
chem(o) chemical
chol(e) bile
chol(o)- bile
cyt(o)- cell
fec(o)- feces
galact(o)- milk
glob(o)- ball
glyc(o)- sugar
gyn(o)- female
gynec(o)- female
hist(o)- tissue
hypn(o)- sleep
kinesi(o)- movement
kinet(o)- movement
lact(o)- milk
lip(o)- fat
lith(o)- stone
malac(o)- softening
men(o)- menstruation
ment(i)- mind
morph(o)- form, shape
myx(o)- mucus
nat(o)- birth
necr(o)- death
noct(o)- night
edema- swelling due to fluid
onc(o)- tumor
opt(o)- vision
osm(o)- odour
ped(o)- child
part- child birth
path(o)- disease
peps- digest
phren(o)- mind
psych(o) mind
py(o)- pus
radi(o)- radiation
septic(o)- toxic condition
schiz(o)- split, divide
somn- sleep
sphygm(o)- pulse
stomat(o)- small opening
thromb(o)- clot
tox(o)- poison
ur(o)- urine
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