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test 2

Larynx, Laryngopharynx, & Speech

the larynx is the upper part of the respiratory tract located between the ___ and the ___? pharynx and trachea
what is the main function of the larynx? phonatoin-vibrating of the vocal cords
when we are not speaking the larynx acts as a _____ to the lungs? airway
what are the 9 cartilages that compose the laryngeal skeleton? 1.thyroid cartilagae 2.cricoid cartilage 3.epiglotic cartilage 3.arytenoid cartilage(2) 4.cuniform cartilage(2) 4.corniculate cartilage(2)
what is the anatomical structure that is known as the "adam's apple" laryngeal prominence of the thyroid cartilage
why do males typically have a lower tone of voice and a more prominent laryngeal prominence? because of the angle that the laminae meet. In males it meets at a 90degree angle.
what strucute connnects the superior borders of the thyroid cartilage and superior horns to the hyoid bone? thyroid membrane
out of the thyroid and the rings of the trachea which is the only complete ring of cartilage? cricoid cartilage
what structure is leaf like and attaches to the back of the thyroid cartilage epiglotic cartilage which is than covered with a mucous membrane to be known as the epiglottis
the epiglottis is pushed back and down during swallowing covering the ______ to prevent food from entering laryngeal inlet
landmarks during laryngoscopy are the ___ and ___? corniculate and cuneiform cartilages
what are the two pairs of lateral folds internally vestibular fold(false vocal cords) and the vocal fold(true vocal cords)
the area between the true and false folds is the? laryngeal ventricle
the area inferior to the vocal folds is known as the? infraglottic cavity
what is the general shape of the rima glottidis for a whisper?normal respiration? whisper=close together almost closednormal respiration=neutral slightly opened
how many intrinsic laryngeal muscles are there? seven
what are the seven intrinsic laryngeal muscles? cricothyroid-posterior cricoartynoid-lateral cricoartynoid-transverse arytenoid-oblique arytenoid-vocalis-thyroarytenoid
what are the only intrinsic laryngeal muscles that ABDUCT the vocal folds?what do the others do? posterior cricoartynoid. all others adduct the vocal folds
which muscle adjusts the vocal ligament by selectively tensing and relaxing them during speech and singing? vocalis m
the intrinsic laryngeal muscles and vocal folds come from which cranial nerve CN 10-vagus
which branch of the vagus n. innervates all intrinsic muscles except for the cricothyroid? recurrent laryngeal
which two nerves are the main source for arterial supply to the larynx? superior laryngeal a. and the inferior laryngeal a.
all the arteries branch from the ___ artery? external carotid
what is the pathway of venous drainage from the superior laryngeal veins? superior laryngeal veins->superior thyroid vv.->internal jugular vein
what is the pathway of venous drainage from the inferior laryngeal vv.? inferior laryngeal vv.->inferior thyroid vv.->brachiocephalic vein
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