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Medical Terms

Building your medical Vocabulary chapter 1

abate to lessen, ease, decrease, or cease
abnormal ab-norm-al pertaining to away from the norm or rule
abscess localized collection of pus, which may occur in any part of the body
acute sudden, sharp, severe
adhesion adhes-ion process of being stuck together
afferent carrying impulses toward a center
ambulatory condition of being able to walk, not confined to bed
antidote substance given to counteract poisons and their effects
antipyretic anti-pyret-ic pertaining to an agent that is used to lower an elevated body temperature
antiseptic anti-sept-ic pertaining to an agent that works against sepsis- a technique or product used to prevent or limit infections
antitussive anti-tuss-ive pertaining to an agent that works against coughing
apathy condition in which one lacks feelings and emotions and is indifferent
asepsis a-sepsis without decay
axillary axill-ary pertaining to the armpit
biopsy bi(o)- opsy surgical removal of a small piece of tissue for microscopic examination
cachexia cac-hexia condition of ill health, malnutrition and wasting
centigrade centi-grade having 100 steps or degrees; unit of temperature measurement with a boiling point at 100 and freezing point at 0
centimeter centi-meter unit of measurement in the metric system; one hundredth of a meter
chemotherapy chem/o- therapy the use of chemical agents in the treatment of disease, specifically drugs used in cancer therapy
chronic pertaining to time
diagnosis dia-gnosis the process of identifying a disease or disorder
diaphoresis dia-phoresis to carry through sweat glands- profuse sweating
disease lack of ease; a pathological condition of the pody
disinfectant dis-infect-ant chemical substance that can be applied to objects to destroy pathogenic microorganisms
efferent carrying impulses away from a center
empathy the ability to sense intellectually and emotionally the feelings of another person
epidemic epi-dem-ic pertaining to upon the people; widespread occurrence of an infectious disease that can be spread by any organism
etiology eti/o- logy study of the causes of disease
excision ex-cis-ion process of cutting out, surgical removal
febrile pertaining to fever
gram unit of weight in the metric system
heterogeneous hetero-gene-ous pertaining to a different formaion
illness state of being sick
incision in-cis-ion process of cutting into
kilogram kil/o-gram unit of weight in the metric system
liter unit of volume in the metric system
macroscopic macr/o-scop-ic pertaining to objects large enough to be examined by the naked eye
malaise a general feeling of discomfort, uneasiness
malformation mai-format-ion a process of being badly shaped
malignant malign-ant literally means formation of a bad kind
maximal maxim-al pertaining to the greatest possible quantity number or degree
microgram micro-gram unit of weight in the metric system
microorganism micro-organ-ism small living organisms that are not visible the the naked eye
microscope mirco-scope scientific instrument designed to view small objects
milligram milli-gram unit of weight in the metric system
milliliter milli-liter unit of volume in the metric system
minimal minim-al pertaining to the lease possible quantity, number or degree
morbidity morbid-ity state of being diseased
mortality mortal-ity being human, subject to death
multiform multi-form occurring in or having many shapes
necrosis necr-osis abnormal condition of tissue death
oncology onc/o-logy the study of tumors
pallor paleness. lack of color
palmar palm-ar pertaining to the palm of the hand
paracentesis para-centesis surgical puncture of a body cavity for fluid removal
prognosis pro-gnosis literally means a state of foreknowledge
prophylactic prophylact-ic pertaining to preventing or protecting against disease or pregnancy
pyrogenic pyr/o-genic pertaining to the production of heat a fever
radiology radi/o-logy study of x-rays and other imaging modalities that use x-rays
rapport relationship of understanding between two individuals
sequela abnormal condition that follows and is the result of a disease
syndrome syn-drome a group of signs and symptoms occurring together that characterize a specific disease or pathological condition
thermometer therm/o-meter an instrument used to measure degree of heat
triage a system of prioritizing and classifying patient injuries to determine priority of need and treatment
Created by: rosiedaghuer
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