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Medical Terms

Building your vocabulary chapter 3

afebrile a-febr-ile pertaining to without fever
anicteric an-icter-ic without signs of jaundice
arrest to stop inhibit, restrain
bifurcation bi-furcat-ion the process of having two forks
concentration con-centrat-ion the process of being able to bring the the center one thought and focus on it
decompensation de-compensat-ion failure of the heart to maintain adequate circulation
enucleate remove the kernel of
extraocular extra- ocul- ar pertaining to outside the eye
hyperactive hyper-act-ive nature or quality of excessive activity
hypoplasia hypo- plasia underdevelopment of a tissue, organ, or body
insomnia in-somn-ia a condition of not being able to sleep
intercellular junctions inter-cell(ul)- ar pertaining to the microscopic space between cells that are important in assisting the transfer of small molecules across capillary walls
intraoperative intra- operat-ive occurring during a surgical operation or procedure
latent laying hidden; quiet, not active
lumen space within an artery, vein, intestine, or tube
multifocal multi- foc-al pertaining to or arising from many locations
occlusion process of closing or state of being closed such as of a passage or lumen
parasternal para-stern-al pertaining o either side of the sternum
patent wide open; freely open
pericardial peri-cardi-al pertaining to the pericardium
polydactyly poly-dactyl-y pertaining to having more than the normal number of fingers and toes
postprocedural post-procedur-al pertaining to the period of time after surgury
premenstrual pre-menstru-al pertaining to the number of days before the discharge of the menses
react re-act act again
regurgitation re-gurgitat-ion process of a backward flow of solids r foods from the stomach to the mouth or the backflow of blood through a defective heart valve
sign any objective clinical evidence of an illness or disordered function of the body
subacute sub-acute below sharp
superinfection super-infect-ion an infection following a previous infection produced by an overgrowth of a resistant strain of bacteria, fungi, or yeast
symptom any perceptible change in the function of the body that indicates disease
unconscious un-consci-ous an abnormal state in which the person is not aware of his or her environment
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