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COURIER n. a messenger
COVERT adj. secret; hidden; concealed
CRONY n. a close friend or companion
CRUX n. main point; the heart of the matter
CRYPTIC adj. having an ambiguous or hidden meaning
CUPIDITY n. excessive greed, especially for money
CURB v. to control or check
CURSORY adj. rapidand superficial; performed with haste and scant attention to detail
DEFUNCT adj. dead or inactive; having ceased to exist
DEMISE n. death; the end
DEPLOY v. to arrange strategically
DEPRAVITY n. extreme wickedness
DEPRECATE v. to express disapproval of
DESPOT n. an absolute ruler
DETER v. to discourage; to keep someone from doing something
DEVOID adj. entirely without; lacking
DIATRIBE n. a bitter verbal attack
DIFFIDENT adj. lacking self-confidence; timid
DIMINUTION n. the act or process of diminishing; reduction
DIRE adj. disastrous; desperate
DISCONCERT v. to disturb the composure of; upset; to frustrate (as a plan) by throwing into disorder
DISHEVEL v. to make untidy; to disarrange the hair or colthing of
DIURNAL adj. occurring every day; occurring during the daytime
DIVERSE adj. different; varied
DOFF v. to take off; to remove; to put aside
DOGMATIC adj. characterized by an authoritative, often arrogant, assertion of opinions or beliefs
DOLEFUL adj. sorrowful; melancholy
DOLT n. a stupid person
DON v. to put on
DOUR adj. severe; gloomy; stern
DWELL v. to remain for a time; to reside; to focus attention on; to speak or write about at length
EBULLIENCE n. enthusiastic; bubbling with excitement
EDIFICATION n. enlighten; instruct
EGG v. to encourage or incite to action
ELITE n. the best or most skilled members of group
ELOCUTION n. the art of public speaking
ELOQUENT adj. extremely expressive in speech, writing, or movement
ELUCIDATE v. to make clear and explain fully
EMBROIL v. to involve in argument or hostile action; to throw in disorder
EMINENT adj. standing out, renowned; distinguished; prominent
EMPHATIC adj. forcibly expressive
ENHANCE v. to improve; to intensify
ENMITY n. hostility; deep-seated hatred
ESCAPADE n. an adventurous unconventional act
ESCHEW v. to avoid or shum
ESPOUSE v. to adopt; to support
ESTRANGE v. to alienate; to treat as a stranger; to turn an affectionate attitude into an indifferent or unfriendly one
ETHEREAL adj. very light; airy; delicate; heavenly
EVINCE v. to show or demonstrate clearly
EXALT v. to raise high; glorify
EXEMPLAR n./adj. a model or original; an example exemplary
EXODUS n. a mass departure
EXONERATE v. to free from accusation or blame; to free from a responsibility or task
EXPATRIATE v. to exile, banish; leave one's country (either by force or by desire)
EXTRUDE v. to force out, as through a small opening
FETTER v./n. to restrain; to hamper; a shackle
FIASCO n. a complete or humiliating failure
FORBEARANCE n. a refraining from the enforcement of something; patience
FOREBODE v. to predict or foretell
FORTE n. something in which a person excels
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