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MT 6 Quiz

Oral Quiz 11-12

TermMeaning of the PrefixMeaning of the other side
contraindication contra-: against, opposite indication: a sign or circumstance that points to or shows the cause, treatment, or some other aspect of a disease.
dysphagia dys-: bad, difficult, painful, abnormal -phagia: eating; swallowing.
dysphasia dys-: bad, difficult, painful, abnormal -phasia: speech
ectropion of the eyelid ec-: out, outside
ectopic pregnancy ec-: out, outside
ectoderm ecto-: out, outward -derm: skin
enostosis em-/en-: in, into, on ost-: bone -osis: condition, abnormal condition
endoscope endo-: within -scope: An instrument for viewing or observing
epidermis epi-: upon, at, in addition to -dermis: tissue or skin
exacerbation ex-: out, away from, over acerbation: Making more severe, sharp or painful
hyperacidity hyper-: above, excessive, beyond acidity: excess acid quality
hypodermic injection hypo-: beneath, below, deficient -dermic: skin
hypoglycemia hypo-: beneath, below, deficient -cemia: condition of the blood, blood
hemiplegia hemi-: half -plegia: paralysis, a stroke.
semicoma semi-: half -oma: profound unconsciousness
paranoia para-/par-: beside, around, near, abnormal -noia: mind or will
parathyroid para-/par-: beside, around, near, abnormal thyroid: thyroid gland.z
pericarditis peri-: around, surrounding, about
precancerous pre-: before, in front of cancerous: Relating to or pertaining to a malignant neoplasm, or being afflicted with such a process.
prognosis pro-: in front of, before, forward gnosis: Intuitive apprehension of spiritual truths, an esoteric form of knowledge sought by the Gnostics
retroversion retro-: backward, behind, back of
subcostal sub-: under, beneath, below costal: A rib or a riblike part, such as the midrib of a leaf or a thickened anterior vein or margin of an insect's wing.
subcutaneous sub-: under, beneath, below cutaneous: Of, relating to, or affecting the skin.
suprarenal super-/supra-: above, beyond, superior, upward renal: Of, relating to, or in the region of the kidneys.
synarthrosis sym-/syn-: with, along, together, beside arthrosis: An articulation or a joint between bones.
transfusion trans-: across, over fusion: The act or procedure of liquefying or melting by the application of heat.
trifacial tri-: three
contraception contra-: against, opposite
Created by: Priscilla0
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