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Which component of the G.I. system complete the food Digestion The small intestine completes the process of digestion
One function of the liver is is Metabolizes Carbohydrates
What is the function of the gastrointestinal tract Digestion and elimination of food
Name 4 parts of the elementary canal Mouth Pharynx Esophagus Stomach
Describe the stomach 6 inch collapsible muscle Located in upper left abdominal quadrant
Describe the small intestine Duo denim -Shortest and most superior division Jejunum-middle portion (j tube) Ileum-longest and most inferior portion(g tube)
What is the length of the small intestine 23 feet
What is the diameter of the small intestine 3 cm
Describe peyers patches Collections of lymphatic tissue within the sub mucosa
What is the function of the small intestine The completing of food digestion
Function of the large intestine time Absorbing water Secreting mucus Eliminating waste
What is the function of the liver Helps regulate blood glucose levels Secretes bile cholesterol and other lipids
Function of the biliary duct system Transports bile through the G.I. tract
What is the function of the pancreas Exocrine function-daily secretion of more than 1000 mL of digestive enzymes
Function of the gallbladder Stores and concentrates bile produced by the liver; releases bile into the common bile duct
What is the Billary duct system used for Transports bio through the G.I. tract
Describe the process of digestion -Mastication initiates salivation -swallowing causes the sphincter in the upper oesophagus to relax -Peristalsis is initiated in esophagus -Cephalic phase- stomach Secretes digestive juices -Gastric phase-stomach wall stretches causing the release of gast
Name for digestive system issues Acid reflux Peptic ulcers Gallstones Lactose intolerance Irritable bowel disease(crowns) Silly act disease Constipation
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