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Anatomy (the heart)

What does the cardiovascular system do It circulates 02, nutrients, and waste
Name three types of blood vessels Arteries carry blood from heart Veins carry blood to the heart Capillaries O2 and CO2 exchange
What is pulmonary embolism Sudden blockage in the pulmonary artery
How many pumps are in the heart Two pumps in the heart Right side deals with the Deoxygenated blood Left side deals with oxygenated blood
Name 4 things that are in blood Red blood cells Plasma Platelets White blood cells Oxygen Carbon dioxide Hormones Digested food Urea (waste)
What is the volume of blood in the human body 4-6 litres
What is leukaemia Leukaemia is a type of blood cancer
What are platelets Platelets are bits of cells broken Off larger cells
What is cholesterol Is the fat made by the liver, from saturated fat that we eat. Too much in the blood, Can lead to coronary heart disease
What is cardiac arrest A sudden stop in effective and normal blood circulation
What is a myocardial infarction Myocardial infarction is also known as a heart attack
What is congenital heart disease Congenital heart disease is a defect in the structure Usually present at birth
What is the function of the Vein Veins carry blood to the heart
What is the function of an artery To carry blood away from the heart
What is the function of the capillary They exchange materials between the blood and other body cells
The cardiovascular system is also known as? The circulatory system
What are the three different places that the heart circulates blood to and from 1: to and from the lungs also known as pulmonary circulation 2: to and from the cells tissue and organs also known as systemic circulation 3: Coronary circulation
What is DVT Deep vein thrombosis Also a common cause of death in people who must remain in bed for a long time
What is (R.O.M.) Range of motion
How does pulmonary and systemic circulation work Pulmonary: CO2 and 02 in Systemic: nutrients/waste
During systole, the ventricles contract. this causes? the AV valves to close and the similar valves to open
what is a normal pacemaker of the heart? the SA node
what vessel carries oxygenatated blood back to the heart and left atrimun? the pulmonary veins
what layer of the heart is responisble for contraction? myocardium
What do lymph nodes do Help remove and destroy antigens
What is pulmonary circulation? Circulates blood to and from the lungs
What are the 4 chambers in the heart? there are 2 artia (top left and right) and 2 ventiricles (bottom left and right)
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