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Flavin AP105 wk 2 19

Flavin AP105 wk 2 ch 13 & 14 2019

A primary function of blood is: transportation
Blood plasma is: the liquid part of blood
Myeloid tissue is __________ tissue. connective
The primary function of platelets is to: play an essential role in clotting
The normal red blood cell count is __________ per cubic mm. 4.2 to 6.2 million
Blood accounts for __________ percent of body weight. 7 to 9
Type ____ blood has anti-A plasma antibodies B
Thrombocytopenia is: a decrease in the platelet count
A blood disorder that results in the formation of limited amounts of an abnormal type of hemoglobin, called hemoglobin S (HbS), is: sickle cell anemia
An anemia that might be due to exposure of a toxic chemical is: aplastic
Heart chambers Two upper chambers are called __________. atria
Two lower chambers called ______________. ventricles
___________________: Inflammation of the pericardium Pericarditis
__________ valves are narrower than normal, reducing blood flow Stenosed
Mitral valve prolapse (MVP): _________________ of mitral valve Incompetence
Two distinct heart sounds in every heartbeat, or cycle—__________. lub dup
First sound (lub) caused by the vibration and closure of AV valves during _________________ of the ventricles contraction
_____________ _____________: Abnormal heart sounds often caused by abnormal valves Heart murmurs
Second sound (dup) caused by the _________ of the SL (semilunar) valves during relaxation of the ventricles closure
Contraction of the heart is called _________ . systole
Relaxation of the heart is called ____________ . diastole
Leukocytes aka WBC
Erythrocytes aka RBC
If you draw blood into a purple top tube the sample you extract as is would be ____. Whole Blood
A CBC looks at ___. Blood Cells
All types of WBCs are: Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Basophils, Lymphocytes, Monocytes
Erythrocytes function: Transport O2 & Co2
Neutrophils & Monocyte function: Immune defense (phagocytosis)
Eosinophils function: Defense against parasites
Basophil function: Inflammatory response and Heparin secretion
Thrombocytes function: Blood clotting
Hemoglobin carries _____. Oxygen
___provides information about the volume of RBC's in a blood sample. Hematocrit
Platelets aka: Thrombocytes
The life span of an RBC is _____. 80 - 120 days.
If you spin whole blood down you would get what on top? Plasma
A _____ is a substance that can stimulate the body to make antibodies. Antigen
Universal donor is___ type. O
____ anemia results from dietary deficiency of vitamin B12 or from the failure of the stomach lining to produce intrinsic factor which allows B12 to be absorbed. Pernicious
_____ ____deficiencies are common among individuals with alcoholism and malnourished individuals. folic acid
An elevated WBC greater than 20,000 could indicate possible: Infection
If a mother is RH negative she will receive an injection of ___ to make sure future pregnancies are not at risk for blood type incompatibility. RhoGAM
A normal range for WBCs are: 5,000 - 10,000
Acute lymphocytic leukemia is common for children between the ages of 3 & 7. This constitutes ____ of all children. The most common form of blood cancer. 80%
________ is a common noncancerous WBC disorder appearing most often in adolescents and young adults between 15 & 25 years of age. Mononucleosis
Drugs known to help dissolve abnormal clots are called: ____ is an X-linked bleeding disorder. TPA aka tissue plasminogen activator
300,000 people around the world. (A bleeding disorder) Hemophilia
The blood specialist is called: Hematologist
What color ink is acceptable in the medical field? Blue or black ink
If a patient has no allergies you would indicate on their chart ______ NKDA
Created by: Iteach4Docs