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CLST 301 - module 11

cyst- ; vesic- sac; cyst; bladder
nephr- ; ren- kidney
pyel- renal pelvis ; urine reservoir in kidney [which passes urine to ureter]
ur- ; urin- urine; urinary tract; urination
ureter- ureter; tube carrying urine from kidney to bladder
urethr- urethra; tube carrying urine from bladder to outside the body
uric- uric acid
aden- gland; lymph node
adren- adrenal gland
hormon- hormone
amygdal- ; tonsill- tonsil
lymph- lymph
lymphatic- lymphatic system; lymphatic duct
por- pore; passage
splen- ; lien- spleen
adip- ; lip- ; steat- fat
seb- sebum; fatty secretion [of a sebaceous gland]
crin- secretion
eme- vomit
hidr- sweat; sweat gland
hist- tissue [of an animal or plant]
hygr- moisture
py- pus
tox- ; toxic- ; toxin- ; ven- ; venen- ; venom- poison
zym- enzyme; fermentation
aeti- ; eti- cause
antr- antrum; cavity
aux- increase
bar- ; bary- weight; pressure
carcin- cancer [noun]; cancerous [adj]
chron- time
drom- a running; flow
dynam- power
helc- ulceration
hypn- ; somn- sleep
icter- jaundice
sept- ; saept- septum; a wall that divides two cavities
all- other; another; divergent; alternating
anis- unequal
atel- incomplete
atret- without an opening (to an organ/structure)
brachy- short [no CV follows]
brady- slow [no CV follows]
idi- individual; distinct; distinctive; unknown
is- ; equ- equal [equ- is followed by CV “i”]
lept- thin
macr- large; long
megal- large
mes- middle
micr- small
olig- few; small; scanty
orth- straight; normal; correct
oxy- acute; swift; sharp; sour [no CV follows]
pachy- thick [no CV follows]
pale- old; ancient
poikil- mottled; varied; irregular
prosth- ; prosthet- artificial
prot- earliest; first
pseud- false; imaginary
schist- ; schiz- split
scirrh- hard [adj]; hard, cancerous tumour [noun]
scoli- crooked; laterally curved
sten- narrow; constricted
tach- ; tachy- rapid [no CV follows tachy-]
xen- strange; foreign [adj]; foreigner [noun]
xer- ; sicc- dry
-agogue agent used to induce (an action) agent used to induce the flow (of a substance, or from an organ tissue) agent used to induce the expulsion (of a foreign body)
anti-...-agogue agent used to suppress (an action) agent used to suppress the flow (of a substance, or from an organ tissue) agent used to suppress the expulsion (of a foreign body)
-auxe; -auxis; -auxesis enlargement
-crine secretion
-elcosis ulceration (of an organ/structure)
-emesis the vomiting (of a substance)
-emetic causing vomiting (of a substance)
-emphraxis obstruction; blockage
-lepsy seizure
-phyma; -phymata [pl.] a swelling
-pore pore; passage
-toxin substance poisonous to (an organ or tissue); poisonous substance present in (a plant or life form)
anti-...-toxin agent used to counteract a substance poisonous to (an organ or tissue); agent used to counteract a poisonous substance present in (a plant or life form)
-uria urination; presence of (a substance) in the urine; (abnormal) condition of the urine
a-...-uria absence of (a substance) in the urine
Created by: winnie33
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