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Ch. 36 OB/GYN

MDA 141

Termination of pregnancy or products of conception prior to fetal viability &/or 20 wks of gestation. Abortion
condition of not menstruating, w/o menses. Amenorrhea
Puncture of the amniotic sac in order to remove fluid for testing. Amniocentesis
uterine contractions during pregnancy. Braxton Hicks contraction
Sign of early pregnancy in which the vaginal, cervical & vulvar tissues develop a bluish violet color. Chadwick sign
Surgery to occlude the vagina. Colpocleisis
Suturing of the vagina. Colporrhaphy
Visual exam of the vagina & cervix under magnification. Coloposcopy
Surgical puncture & aspiration of fluid from the vaginal cul-de-sac for diagnosis for therapy. Culdocentesis
Scraping of a body cavity, such as the uterus. Curettage
Herniation of the urinary bladder into the vagina. Cystocele
Painful menstruation. Dysmenorrhea
Painful coitus or sexual intercourse. Dyspareunia
Softening of the cervix early in pregnancy. Goodell sign
Pregnant. Gravid
Pregnant woman. Gravida
Pregnancy. Gravidity
Abnormal or excessive growth of hair in women. Hirsutism
Hormone secreted by the placenta & found in the uterine & blood of a pregnant female. Human chorionic gonadotrpin (HCG)
Radiography of the uterus & Fallopian tubes after injection w/ a contrast medium. Hysterosalpingogram
process of viewing the internal abdominal cavity & it's contents through a specialized endoscope. Laparoscopy
The descent of the fetus in the pelvis. Lightening
Uterine discharge following childbirth, composed of some blood, mucous & tissue. Lochia
Onset of first menstruation. Menarche
Excessive bleeding during menstruation. Menorrhagia
Menstruation; bloody discharge monthly or cyclically in the female when fertilization has not occurred. Menses
Irregular uterine bleeding. Metrorrhagia
Woman who has given birth to more than one viable fetus. Multipara
A woman who has never been pregnant. Nulligravida
A woman who has never given birth to a viable fetus. Nullipara
Scanty menstruation. Oligomenorrhea
Pregnancy that resulted in a viable birth. Parity
Device that supports the uterus when inserted into the vagina. Pessary
Abnormally frequent menstrual periods. Polymenorrhea
A woman who is pregnant for the first time. Primigravida
A woman who has given birth to one viable infant. Primipara
The presence of large quantities of of protein in the urine; usually a sign of renal dysfunction. Proteinuria
Herniation of the rectum into the vaginal area. Rectocele
Period of time (about 6 wks) from childbirth until reproductive structures return to normal. Puerperium
Surgical excision of both the Fallopian tubes & the ovary. Salpingo-oophorectomy
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