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ch.3 bio


nucleus is a spherical or oral-shaped sturcture that usually is the most promient feature of a cell
chromosomes contain are genes; the source of information for building and running cells
nuclear envelope separtes the nucleus from the cytoplasm;NE- is double-walled
nucleolus is a site within the nucleus that oroduces new ribosomes
DNA double straneded
RNA single strandeded
humans have.... 46 chromosomes
messenger RNA (mRNA) RNA conatins sequence meant to encode proteins
translation the mRNA sequence is used to make new proteins in a process
transcription is the process where DNA sequence is copied (or transcribed) into RNA sequence
RNA polymerase stick stuff together
rRNA joins with ribosomal proteins to make ribosomes
tRNA binds to an amino acids and holds it in place on a ribosome unitl it is incorapted into a protein during translation
mRNA traveling copy of a gene, enters the cytoplasm to dircet the synthesis of a specfic protein
tRNA "taxi"
interphase is not a stage in mitosis
cytokinesis takes place at the end
G0 phase never divide; "mermory cell"
G0 phase 8-10 hours
G2 phase 4-6 hours
cell division the process by which cells reproduce themselevs
2 types of cell division somotic cell division, reproductive cell division
meiosis start with one cell end up with four new cells
DNA molecules are copied during the S phase
the sturcutre of the double helix... allows both copies of the new DNA to have the same sequence
meiosis the reproductive cell division that occurs in the gonads (ovaries and testes) produces gametes in which the number of chrosomes is reduced by half
cytokinesis cells finsih dividing, (after mitosis)
cells grow, and also duplicate their DNA during interphase
RNA polymerase creates the RNA molecules
"long arm" Q
"short arm" P
long and short arm are in... the chromosomes
each chromosme contains DNA combined with histone proteins to form chromatin
centromere after DNA replication, sister chromatids are connected
stromal cells connective tissue cells of an organ found in the loose connective tisue
system lupus erythematosus a chronic, inflammatory autimmune disorder
system lupus erythematosus affect the skin, joints, kidneys and other organs
proteosomes a subcellular organele foud throughout the cytosol, nucleus endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and lyosomes of eukaryotic cells
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