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Ch20-Rad/Nuc Med

The Language of Medicine 11th Edition

The medical specialty that studies the uses of radioactive substances in diagnosis and treatment of disease: nuclear medicine
In which procedure is a transducer used? ultrasound
Radioactive form of an element that gives off energy in the form of radiation: radionuclide
A test that combines radioactive chemicals and antibodies to detect minute quantities of substances in a patient's blood: radioimmunoassay
The use of x-rays and a fluorescent screen to produce real-time video images: fluoroscopy
Procedure in which a radiopharmaceutical is inhaled and injected intravenously followed by imaging its passage through the respiratory tract: ventilation-perfusion studies
A diagnostic x-ray procedure in which a series of cross-sectional images is produced: CT scan
A procedure in which a radioactive tracer is injected intravenously and a computer reconstructs a 3D image based on a composite of many views: SPECT
A magnetic field and radio waves are used to form images in three planes of the body in which of the following procedures? MRI
Radioactive drug that is administered safely for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes: adiopharmaceutical
The combining form that means sound: son/o
The combining form that means same: is/o
The suffix that means obscure: opaque
A combining form that means glass: vitr/o
The combining form that means drug: pharmaceut/o
The combining form that means x-rays: radi/o
The suffix that means record: -gram
The prefix that means a repeated sound: echo-
The suffix that means process of recording: -graphy
A combining form that means treatment: therapeut/o
Created by: misscollin