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CLST 301 - module 12

amygdal- Almond
acanth- Thorn; prickle
al- ; pter- ; pteryg- Wing
anth- ; flor- Flower; blossom
api- ; meliss- Bee [no CV follows api-]
arachn- Spider; spider-like; spider web; web-like
arbor- Tree
av- ; ornith- Bird [CV for av- is i]
bacc- ; cocc- Berry
bov- Cow; ox
bry- Moss
carp- Fruit; seed
clad- ; ram- Branch
cortic- Bark; outer layer
cyn- ; can- Dog
entom- ; insect- Insect
felin- ; ailur- Cat
flocc- ; floccul- Tufts of hair; woolly [adj]
foli- ; phyll- Leaf
formic- Ant [uses suffix -iasis, not -osis]
frond- Leaf; leafy branch; frond
helminth- ; verm- ; vermin- Worm
herp- ; herpet- Reptile; snake; spreading blister
hipp- Horse
ichthy- Fish; scaly [adj]
pisc- Fish
lign- ; hyl- ; xyl- Wood
nid- Nest
nuc- Nut
onych- ; onyx- ; ungu- ; ungul- Nail; hoof; claw
phyt- Plant; growth
saur- Lizard
set- Bristle; seta [pl. setae]
spin- Thorn; spine
spor- Spore
trich- Hair
zo- Animal; living organism
anthrac- coal
argent- silver (the mineral)
carbon- carbon
chrys- ; aur- gold (the mineral)
cupr- copper
lith- ; petr- rock; stone
plumb- lead
sider- ; ferr- iron
thi- sulfur/sulphur
bacter- bacterium [pl. bacteria]
carn- flesh
chem- chemical
corpor- body; corpus
cry- extreme cold [noun]; extremely cold [adj]
hum- soil; earth
loc- ; top- place; location
meteor- weather; atmosphere
nos- ; morb- disease
nyct- ; nyctal- ; noct- night; during the night
phot- ; luc- ; lumin- light
physi- nature
psychr- cold [either a noun or adj; always followed by a CV even if termination starts with a vowel or “h”]
pyr- heat; fire
pyret- fever
sol- ; heli- sun
ge- ; terr- the earth; land
therm- heat; temperature
trop- a turning; change
-seta; -saeta [pl] bristle, seta [pl. setae]
-vore one which (habitually) feeds on (something) [preceded by CV “i”]
-vorous (habitually) feeding on (something) [preceded by CV “i”)
Created by: winnie33