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Absolutionism- Week 2

What or who gives the government power or authority? Bloodlines dictate who receives the throne. Parliament has a hand in the extent of king/queen's control
Why would people support absolute monarchy? In economic troubles, they needed someone to regulate a reformation and create stability. Many were made to believe it was a religious endowment and that God wished the people to follow monarchs.
What did the theory of absolutism claim? God gives King or Queen absolute power; defying monarch equals defying God. Church and state are united to support absolutism. Subjects and their property belong to monarchy.
Under an absolute monarchy, what powers did the King have? Create legislation, grant privileges and create offices, render justice, create money, levy taxes, and raise an army
What did King Louis XIV do to incorporate absolutism in financing? He re-created the taxing system and shifted the balance of trade to more profitable mercantilism.
What did King Louis XIV do to incorporate absolutism in the military? He established a long-standing army with better-trained, specialized troops after incorporating research and development.
What did King Louis XIV do to incorporate absolutism in the Bureaucracy? He took control by taking power from nobles and giving it to bourgeoisie. He rewarded successful officials, making a more stable bureaucracy with better qualified officials. All rewards and appointments came from the king.
What were some successes/downfalls of Louis XIV's rule? Successes: tax collection was in good condition, bureaucracy under control of experienced officials, created best trained army in Europe. Downfalls: Induced a large debt on the nation
Created by: talbertm