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Art Test #6

Judith Leyster Dutch (Holland) Baroque artist, best-known female painter of 17th century, painter of everyday life (genre painter)
Self-portrait by Judith Leyster Painting a violinist and both figures are cheerful
Lion Hunt Rubens, lions were exotic/rare in his time, used lions in private zoos for models and combined drawings from many subjects
Frans Hals "Yonker Ramp and His Sweetheart", painted common people, successful as a painter, but died penniless in a poorhouse
Jan Vermeer Used a camera obscura to achieve the absolute realism with natural light and color, "Art of Painting" and "Pearl Earring"
"Allegory of the Art of Painting" Vermeer, shows symbolism: model represents Clio, map symbolizes that Holland is the center of the world of art
Rembrandt Van Rijn Greatest of Dutch painters, one of the great geniuses of the art world, went downhill when wife died, left paintings, etchings, and drawings, painted self/group portraits
Velazquez One of Spain's great artists of the Baroque period
Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor) Represents himself standing in front of a large canvas, foreground shows princess with two ladies in waiting, her favorite dwarves, and a large dog
Thomas Gainsborough One of England's finest portrait painters, landscape painting, "The Morning Walk"
John Copley American artist, "Paul Revere", lacked formal training
Joshua Johnson First African-American artist to gain prominence as an artist in America, self-taught, "Portrait of a Man" had a quality that was typical of the work of limners
Jacques-Louis David Painted under Louis XVI, but after his death he embraced Neoclassical style, "Napoleon in His Study" (hand-in-his-vest), "Death of Marat"
Neoclassical Architecture Replaced baroque/rococo palaces and churches with classic simplicity and balance (ex: U. S. Capitol/T. J.'s Monticello)
Romanticism A rebellion from classic restrictions of form and proportion in the Neoclassical style, artists expressed feelings and emotions
Francisco Goya Spanish artist, deaf, genius of Romantic painting and printmaking
Third of May, 1808 Goya, slaughtering of Spanish rebels by French soldiers, social protest painting showing man's inhumanity to man
Theodore Gericault Parisian artist, "Raft of the 'Medusa'"
Liberty Leading the People Delacroix, inspired by the 1830 insurrection in Paris, Liberty holds the French flag and leading the revolutionaries over the street barricades in Paris
John Constable One of the first painters to paint outdoors, loved English landscape, first to paint water with such sparkling clarity and depth of shadow, "The Hay Wain"
Joseph Turner Earliest works were watercolor, produced a lot of watercolors, work anticipates the Impressionist movement, "Snow Storm: Steam-board off a Harbor's Mouth"
Thomas Cole Leader of Hudson River School, rustic beauty and ideal settings were the essence of America, "View on the Catskill, Early Autumn"
Realism Believed that only what they could see and experience was worthy subject matter; subjects had to be treated in as natural and realistic way as possible
Rosa Bonheur French artist, realist painter, animals, life was dedicated to painting, never married, first woman artist to receive the coveted cross of the French Legion of Honor in 1865, "Sheep by the Sea"
Winslow Homer American artist, mostly self-taught, wood engravings as illustrations for Harper's Weekly, "Breezing Up"
Thomas Eakins One of the finest American painters, insisted that all students draw from nude models, forced to resign, "The Gross Clinic"
Created by: archergirl