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MT 2 Quize

Oral Quiz 3-4

TermMeaning of the suffixMeaning of the root
acromegaly -megaly: enlargement acr-: extremity, highest point
splenomegaly -megaly: enlargement splen-: spleen
lymphoid -oid: resembling lymph-: lymph, lymphoid tissue
carcinoma -oma: tumor, neoplasm carci- cancer
sarcoma -oma: tumor, neoplasm sarc-: flesh
arterisclerosis -osis: condition, abnormal condition arteri-: artery / scler: hard, hardening
dermatosis -osis: condition, abnormal condition dermat-: skin
adenopathy -pathy: disease, anomaly aden-: gland
myopathy -pathy: disease, anomaly my-: muscle
leukopenia -penia: deficiency, decrease leuk white
hysteropexy -pexy: surgical fixation hyster-: uterus, hysteria
mastopexy -pexy: surgical fixation mast-: breast
lithotripsy -tripsy: to crush lith-: stone, calculus
arthroplasty -plasty: surgical correction, plastic repair of arthr: joint
hernioplasty -plasty: surgical correction, plastic repair of herni-: hernia
blepharoptosis -ptosis: prolapse, sagging, sagged blephar-: eyelid
gastroptosis -ptosis: prolapse, sagging, sagged gastr-: stomach
perineorrhaphy -rrhaphy: suture perine-: peritoneum
angiorrhexis -rrhexis: rupture angi-: vessel
cardiorrhexis -rrhexis: rupture card-: heart
bronchoscopy -scopy: process of viewing bronch-: bronchial tube
chirospasm -spasm: twitching, involuntary contraction chir-: the hand
colostomy -stomy: artificial or surgical opening col-: colon
gastroduodenostomy -stomy: artificial or surgical opening duoden-: duodenum gastr-: stomach
antrotomy -tomy: incision, cutting antr-: cavity, antrum
neurotomy -tomy: incision, cutting neur-: nerve
Created by: Priscilla0