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Study Helps Ch. 4

Anatomy Test Study Guide on the Integumentary System

What are the three categories of epithelial tissue membranes? cutaneous, mucous, serous
What membranes are considered serous? parietal peritoneum, visceral peritoneum, parietal pericardium, visceral pericardium, parietal pleura, visceral pleura.
Where do you find the parietal pericardium? outer wall around the heart
The synovial membranes are which tissue type? connective tissue
The skin is which membrane? the body membrane
Where do you find mucous membranes? mucosa of the NASAL CAVITY, mucosa of the MOUTH, ESOPHAGUS LINING, mucosa of the LUNG BRONCHI
Sweat glands in the axillary and genital areas are which type of glands? Apocrine glands
What is the VITAL function of the skin? Protection
Which protein substance helps to "waterproof" the skin? Keratin
The most external skin region is composed of which type of epithelial tissue? simple squamous
What insulating tissue composes the hypodermis? subcutaneous
Does the epidermis have its own blood supply? No, it's avascular
What is the correct sequence of the layers of the epidermis going from outermost to innermost? Stratum: Corneum Come Lucidum Lets Granulosum Get Spinosum Some Basale Bananas
What causes contact dermatitis? exposure of the skin to chemicals that provoke allergic reactions
Why does your skin tan? melanocytes produce more melanin
Which layer of the epidermis do you find melanocytes? stratum basale
Which layer are the sweat and oil glands found in? dermis
What are stratum germinativum cells? Cells that are constantly undergoing cell division
Describe the papillary layer of the skin. 1. uneven. 2. fingerlike projections from superior surface called dermal papillae. 3. upper dermal region
Which glands become active when body temperature rises? eccrine glands
What are dermal papillae? fingerlike projections from superior surface of the papillary layer
Fingernails are the modification of what? epidermis
Describe the contents of the secretion of eccrine glands. Sweat: acidic, primarily water, salty
What stimulates the secretion of sebum? androgen
Sebaceous glands are important for keeping skin and hair what? moist/lubricated
What is a boil? inflammation of hair follicles and sebaceous glands
What is the first threat to like from a massive third degree burn? loss of fluids
Which layer of the epidermis do cells first die due to the inability to get nutrients and oxygen? stratum lucidum
How do nutrients reach the surface of the skin? capillary loops
Explain what is ment by the rule of nines divides the body into 11 areas; each area representing 9% of the total surface area of the body
What are indicators of melanoma? ABCD Rule: Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color, Diameter
What is vernix caseosa? white, cheesy looking substance produced by sebaceous glands that protect a baby's skin while floating in its water filed sack in the womb
Male pattern baldness has a genetic switch that turns on in response to what? age
Membranes that line body cavities that lack openings to the exterior of the body are called _______ membranes serous
What is the visceral pleura? membrane that covers the lungs
What is responsible for the pinkish hue of healthy individuals with fair skin? oxygen-rich hemoglobin flushes through the transparent cell layers above the dermis
The major portion of the skin is made of the what? dermis
Are the apocrine glands important thermoregulation? no
Describe the composition of a mucous membrane. composed of epithelium resting on loose connective tissue membrane called lamina propria
Describe the structure of the hair. outer layer is the cuticle, the middle layer is the cortex, and the center layer/part is the medulla
An infection of the sebaceous glands accompanied by skin pimples is what? acne
Cancer of skin pigment cells is called? malignant melanoma
Third degree burns are also referred to as? full-thickness burns
Decubitous ulcers are also called? bedsores
The part of the hair enclosed in the follicle is the what? hair root
The matrix of hair divides to form? epithelial cells
Distinguish between apocrine and eccrine glands. Apocrine glands are in the genital area. Eccrine are everywhere, and secrete sweat.
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