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Flavin MED106 19 wk1

Flavin 2019 Ch 1-3 Childhood / Immunologic week 1

The thymus gland is considered ____ in the immune system. Primary
Opportunistic infections occur when the immune system is: inadequate
If a person has and recovers from a specific infection, in the future, that person will be _______ to it. immune
HIV-2, one of the causative agents of AIDS, is found mainly in _______. west Africa
Myasthenia gravis is a progressive _________ disease. neuromuscular
Name the two types of acquired specific immunity of the human body. active & passive
According to universal precautions guidelines, how should needles and sharps be disposed? in biohazard containers
Sjögren syndrome is an autoimmune disease that features inflammation in various __________ in the body. moisture-secreting glands
Inflammation of the small blood vessels is one sign of __________. small vessel vasculitis
The immune response is activated whenever foreign substances, or ___________, enter the body. antigens
Internal stability of the body is _________. Homeostasis
Abnormal objective findings are _____ . Signs
The traits, causes, and effects of abnormal conditions, causing measurable changes in structure and function is aka _______. Pathology
_______ is the study of genes and their heredity. Genetic
Abrupt onset of symptoms that run a brief course is known as an _____ illness. acute
Disease develops slowly and can be intermittent, and lasts longer than 6 months is known as a ______ _____ . chronic illness
Normal protective physiologic response to tissue injury and disease is known as _____ ______. acute inflammation
______ is caused by pathogens. Infection
A ______ can indicate illness. fever
What main blood test can screen for infection? CBC
The process known as amniocentesis, allows amniotic fluid to be tested and cells to be examined for ___ abnormalities. Chromosomal
______are the result of an abnormal gene taking up residence on one of the 22 pairs of nonsex chromosomes. Genetic disorders & syndromes
___, or hyaline membrane disease, is similar to adult respiratory distress syndrome in that the pt suffers acute hypoxemia. IRDS
The first indications of IRDS are increased respiratory efforts of the newborn and a history of ___. prematurity
The most common crippler of children, is a condition consisting of a group of disorders possibly involving the brain and nervous system dealing with movement. Cerebral Palsy
A progressive degenerative and weakening of the skeletal muscles where muscle fibers are vulnerable to injury is ___. Muscular dystrophy
Failure of one or both of the ____ to descend from the abdominal cavity into the scrotum. testicles
___ is a chronic reversible obstructive disease caused by increased reactivity of the tracheobronchial tree to various stimili. asthma
Created by: Iteach4Docs
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