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Lymphatic System-20

One function of the lymphatic system is to return: Tissue fluid to the blood stream
One function of the lymphatic system is to absorb: Fats and fat soluble vitamins from intestines
One function of the lymphatic system is to defend: The body against disease
Lymph is a clear _______ that resembles _______. Fluid; plasma
Lymph is composed of: Water, electrolytes, waste products, and proteins
Approximately how much lymph filters from interstitium (tissue space) per day? 20/L per day
To where is filtered lymph returned? Venous blood
Distribution of lymphatic vessels is similar to what other vessel? Veins
Lymphatic capillaries contain _____ and _____. Pores; valves
Capillaries drain into larger vessels which drain into the venous system at the junction of the ________ _______ and the _____ ____ ____ on either side. Subclavian vein; internal jugular vein
The thoracic duct drains _____ of the body. 3/4
Right lymphatic duct drains remaining ______ (right upper quadrant). 1/4
The lymphatic vessels also clean crap out of our: Blood capillaries
Give the shape of lymph nodes. Small, pea shaped patches of lymphatic tissue
Lymph nodes function by fltering lymph as it: Flows through lymphatic vessels
Name three areas of lymphatic vessel clustering Cervical, axillary, inguinal
Lymph nodes consist of lymph nodules (__________) and ________. Lymphocytes and macrophages; lymph sinuses
_______ vessels carry lymph TOWARD the lymph node. Afferent
_______ vessels carry lymph AWAY from the lymph node. Efferent
Tonsils are partially __________ lymph nodes. Encapsulated
Location of tonsils: Nose and mouth
Three sets of tonsils, which include: Palatine, Pharyngeal, Lingual
Thymus gland located in: Upper mediastinum
Funtion of thymus gland Development of immune system before birth and shortly after birth
When does the thymus gland begin to shrink? Right after puberty
The thymus gland secretes _______(hormones) that promote the _________ and maturation of _______ in lymphoid tissue. Thymosins; proliferation; T-cells
The only lymphatic organ that does NOT filter lymph Spleen
Largest lymphoid organ Spleen
What does the spleen do to blood? Filters and cleans the blood
Name the two tissue types of the spleen. Red pulp and white pulp
The white pulp of the spleen is lymphoid tissue that surrounds: Blood vessels
The red pulp of the spleen is made up of blood-filled venous sinuses that also contain: Lymphocytes and macrophages
Four additional functions of spleen from notes 1) Blood storage 2) Destroys old RBCs 3) Erythropoiesis before birth 4) Lymphocyte production
When does lymphoid tissue reach peak development? At puberty
After puberty, what happens to lymphoid tissue? It shrinks gradually
With age, what replaces thymus gland tissue? Connective tissue
Thymosins ________ in production with age. Decrease
Along with decreased thymosin production, what else decreases with age? Defense mechanisms
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