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Skin Chapter 16

This type of tinea affects the groin and upper inner thighs. tinea cruris
I am also known as a bedsore and I eat or gnaw away at the tissue of the skin. ulcer or erosion
I am a small, elevated, circumscribed lesion of the skin filled with pus. pustule
A viral skin infection that causes cold sores or fever blisters. herpes simplex I
I am an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands. nodule
Tinea also known as ________________ is caused by many different fungi. ringworm
I am a localized, evanescnet elevation of the skin. wheal
The _________________ muscles attach to the hair follicles. arrector pili
The type of skin neoplasm that infiltrates under tissues and metastasizes in lymph channels is called. squamous cell carcinoma
Sunburn is classified as what degree burn? first
What is the most severe degree burn? fourth
What are the two factors considered when assessing the damage of burns to the patient? depth and area of skin damaged
Scalp ringworm is also known as tinea _________________. capitis
The layer of skin also known as the true skin is called the __________________. dermis
I am a crack-like sore or slit that extends through the first two layers of skin. fissure
Inflammation of the hair follicles is called __________________. folliculitis
What degree burn is also referred to as a full-thickness burn? third degree
When estimating the percent of body burned, clinicians use the ___________________. rule of nines
Tinea unguium also known as ________________ is a nail fungus. onychomycosis
When your skin appears blue from a drop in oxygen it is referred to as ____________________. cyanosis
Shingles is caused by what virus? herpes varicella zoster virus
The deepest layer of skin is called the __________________. hypodermis or subcutaneous fascia
I am a solid, circumscribed and elevated lesion on the skin. papule
A viral infection that manifests itself in the genitalia. herpes simplex II
Another term for swelling is _____________. edema
This type of skin neoplasm if most common in people that are affected with AIDS. Kaposi's sarcoma
I am a dry, serous or seropurulent lesion that could have drainage or various colors. crust aka eczema
Large, tender, swollen raised lesions appear in hair follicles are called ________________. boils
________________ is more commonly known as a yeast infection. vaginal candidiasis
Your skin color is affected by how much ________________ is produced by melanocytes. melanin
This type of fungal infection affects the bearded areas of the face and neck. tinea barbae
_________________ is a spreading infection in the skin. cellulitis
What degree burn affects the entire epidermal layer and also a portion of the dermis? second degree
An inflammatory skin infection that is hot to the touch is called ________________. erysipelas
What layer of the epidermis is constantly shedding as part of the skin replacement process? strata cornum
The outer layer of skin that is visible is called the _______________. epidermis
A benign tumor made by small blood vessels that form a red or purple birthmark is called a __________________. hemangioma
Another name for warts is _________________. verruca vulgaris
What is the name of a discolored spot on the skin that is regarded as a flat lesion? macule
Another term for redness is ________________. erythema
Chicken pox is caused by the _______________ virus. herpes varicella zoster
________________ infections normally occur on moist areas of the body. fungal
What is the most serious type of skin cancer? malignant melanoma
I am a fluid filled sac vesicle
I am thin, dry and flaky cornified epithelial cells. scale
This parasitic infection is caused by mites that burrow under the skin. scabies
What are the purposes of your hair? regulate body temperature, sensor for the skin
The infection of the mouth that is characterized by creamy white patches on the tongue is called _________________. candida infection of the mouth or thrush
Head lice is known as _________________. pediculosis
Another term for itching is ________________. pruritis
What is the most common type of skin cancer? basal cell carcinoma
Hair color and texture depends on the amount and type of __________________. melanin
First degree burns only damage the ___________________ layer. epidermal
Another term for Athlete's foot is ____________________. tinea pedis
A highly infectious skin infection that is caused by a strep or staphy bacteria is ___________________. impetigo
_______________ are a cluster of boils. carbuncles
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