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Mod F voc wk 1

anterior in front of, befor
anthropometry the measurement of the human body: includesn the skull, bones, height, and skin fold evaluation for subcutaneous fat estimation
apex the pointed end of a cone-shape structure
base the lower part or fundation of a structure
center the midpoint o a body or activity
cephalad toward the head
cillia hair-llike processes that project from epithelial cells: they help propel mucus, dust particles, and other foreigh substances from the respiratory tract
deep far down from the surface
distal farthest from the center or point of origin
dorsal pertianing to the back side of the body
filtration the process of filtering or staining particles from a solution
gene the hereditary unit that transmits and determines one's characteristics
horizontal pertaining to the horizon ot or near the horison, lying flat, even, levelq
human genome the complete set of genes and chromosomes tucked inside each of the body's frillion s of cells
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