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Jaeger BT1.6

Biotech I Terms for Buffer Preparation

Acid any substance that releases hydrogen ions when dissolved in water
Aliquot to divide a solution into small, equal individual containers
Base any substance that releases hydroxide ions when dissolved in water, any substance that can accept hydrogen ions
Concentration an amount per volume; a fraction
Formula Weight (molecular wt) the weight in grams of 1 mole of a given compound. The FW/MW is calculated by adding atomic weights of the atoms that compose the compound
Hydrophobic "hating" water, insoluble in water such as fats and oils
Hydrophilic "loving" water, readily dissolves in water such as salt or sugar
Lyophilization freeze drying, a preservation method, rapid freezing and then drying under vacuum to remove the water
Molarity an expression of the concentration of a solute in a soln. that is the number of moles of a solute dissolved in 1 L of total solution
Mole a mole of any element contains 6.02x10 23 atoms. Moles of elements weigh different amounts but they all contain 6.02x10 23 molecules of that compound
QS Latin abbreviation meaning quantum sufficit; bring to volume
Sensitivity the smallest weight which can be weighed on a scale
Capacity the heaviest weight which can be weighed on a scale
Range the total span a balance can weigh from lightest to heaviest
Calibration Adjustments made to an outside standard
Verification confirming daily that the equipment is working properly, use of calibrated weights or pH buffer checks
Percision the ability to get the same result over and over
Accuracy getting the result you expect each time
Tolerance the amount of error you are willing to accept; tighter the tolerance the less error you will accept
Equipment log book where all verification and calibration records are stored
Lab notebooks legal documents, composition book, tracked and accounted for
Created by: kjaeger