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Systemic Anatomy

Systemic tri 1

What is a Body Cavity? spaces within the body that help protect, separate & support internal organs. Bones, muscles, & ligaments separate the various body cavities from one another.
What are the two major Body Cavities? Dorsal and Ventral
What is in the Dorsal Body Cavity? Cranial and Spinal Cavities
What is in the Vental Body Cavity? Thorasic (Plueral, Pericardial) and Abdominal/Pelivic Cavities
Name the two layers of the Serous Membrane Parietal and Visceral
Name the Cavity that surrounds the lungs Pleural Cavity
Name the Cavity that surronds the Heart Pericardial Cavity
Name the membrane that lines the Abdominal Cavity Peritoneum
Name the 4 quadrants of the Abdominal Cavity Upper left, Upper Right, Lower left, Lower Right
What is orthopedics The prevention & correction of disorders of the musculoskeletal system
How many total bones in the Human Body 206
How many total bones in the Axial Skeleton? 80
How many total bones in the Appendicular Skeleton 126
What bones are located in the Axial Skeleton? All except the upper and lower limbs
Name the 5 types of bones Long, Short, Flat, Irregular and Sesmoid (sutures)
How many Cranial bones are there? 8
Name the Cranial bones Frontal, Parietal (2), Temporal (2), Occipital, Sphenoid, Ethmoid
What does the Frontal bone of the skull form? Forehead region, roof of the orbit and anterior part of the cranial cavity
What do the Parietal bones of the skull form? The greater part of the superior and lateral part of the skull
Where do the Parietal bones join together? At the Coronal, Sagittal, Lamboidal and Squamous Sutures
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