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F2 ServSafe Ch. 5

What is the most important rule in choosing a supplier for a restaurant? Buy from approved reputable suppliers.
What is the purpose of inspecting supplies at receiving? To make sure the supplies are good quality and haven't been spoiled, damaged or time-temperature abused.
How do you take the temperature of meat, poultry and fish? Insert a thermometer stem or probe into the thickest part of the item.
How do you take the temperature of vaccuum packed food? Insert a thermometer stem between the packages without tearing or piercing the package.
How do you take the temperature of other packaged foods? Open one package and insert the stem into the product. Do not touch the package with the thermometer.
What do you look for when inspecting packaging for dry goods and shelf-stable items? No tears, rips, holes, signs of water damage; clean packages. No dented, rusted, swollen cans, missing labels.
What is the temperature to receive cold foods? 41F
What is the temperature to receive milk, shucked shellfish and live shellfish? 45F, provided it is chilled to 41F or lower within 4 hours
What is the temperature to receive shell eggs? 45F
What is the temperature to receive hot food? 135F
What are the requirements to receive frozen foods? frozen solid with no signs of thawing and refreezing
How many days can you store food prepared onsite if it is at 41F or lower? 7
What is FIFO? A method of rotating stock that involves putting items with the earliest use-by date in front, so that it is used first.
What is the proper storage order for foods in the refrigerator? From top-to-bottom, ready-to-eat food; seafood; whole cuts of beef, lamb and pork; ground meat and ground fish; whole and ground poultry
Where are the places that food should NEVER be stored? locker rooms, dressing rooms, restrooms, garbage rooms, mechanical rooms, under unshielded sewer lines, leaking water lines or stairwells
Created by: debrahadley