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MDC 100 Final

What is the name for treatment that reduces symptoms of a disease, but does not cure the disease? Palliative
What type of insurance plan pays a physician separately for each procedure that was performed? Fee-for-service insurance
What is the federal insurance plan that provides health insurance for the elderly, the disabled, and those with end-stage kidney disease? Medicare
Which of the following is/are important character traits for a medical assistant Being tolerant of different beliefs and attitudes
To whom would physicians report cases of specific infectious diseases? Local board of health
Which aspect of our communication is most likely to convey our true feelings and beliefs? Nonverbal communication
How is the patient likely to react if the medical assistant asks, “Why aren’t you following your diet?” Become defensive
Combining form meaning gland: aden/o
Suffix that means specialist: -ist
The upper right and left abdominopelvic regions below the ribs are the: hypochondriac regions
This term means near the point of attachment to the trunk or near the beginning of a structure: proximal
The small sac under the liver that stores bile: gallbladder
One of a pair of ducts through which the ovum travels to the uterus: fallopian tube
External female genitalia: vulva
Vascular organ that serves as a communication between maternal and fetal bloodstreams: placenta
Drug that prevents nausea and vomiting: antiemetic
Drug that increases the production of urine, thereby reducing the volume of fluid in the body: diuretic
Band of epidermis at the base and sides of the nail plate: cuticle
Soft tissue surrounding the nail border: paronychium
Innermost layer of the skin: subcutaneous layer
Tough, white outer coat of the eyeball: sclera
Gland located in the neck on either side of the trachea: thyroid gland
Spread of a malignant tumor to a secondary site: metastasis
Harmful effects of a drug: toxicity
Drug that relieves pain: analgesic
What is the name an individual’s own beliefs about right and wrong in our society? Morals
Which law or government agency is primarily responsible for the regulation of laboratories and laboratory tests? Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA ’88)
Identify the prefix that means no, not, without. a-, an-
Which backbones are associated with the chest region of the spinal column? thoracic vertebrae
When a patient comes to the office for care and then leaves and goes home, what type of care has the patient received? Ambulatory
The insurance plan called ______________ is designed to provide health insurance for low-income people. Medicaid
What is the name for an insurance plan’s list of approved medications? Formulary
Why should doorways in the medical office be at least three feet wide? This is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act so that patients in wheelchairs have access.
When was the American Association of Medical Assistants organized? 1956
What is one important reason for a medical assistant to study ethics? To develop the intellectual skills to analyze complex problems
Informed consent is consent based on Understanding of a medical procedure and its possible outcomes
What is required for expressed consent? Verbal agreement
A physician has discontinued care of a patient without properly notifying the patient. This is called Abandonment
Created by: abadial
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