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Resp D/C

Acidosis Excessive acidity of body fluids
Anosmia Absence of sense of smell
Asphyxia Insufficient intake of oxygen
Atelectasis Collapsed or airlines state of the lung
Cheyen-stokes respiration Deep breath/shallow/no breathing
Coryza Acute inflammation of the membranes of the nose.
Crackle Abnormal respiratory sound heard on ausculation caused by explodes spasms
Croup Inflammation of the larynx trachea bronchial passes and sometimes lungs
Deviated nasal septum Displacement of cartilage diving the nostrils -> reduced air flow or nose bleed
Epiglottis Life threatening infection of the epiglottis and supraglottic structure
Epistaxis Nose bleed
Hypoxemia Oxygen dificiency in arterial blood
Hypoxia Oxygen deficiency in body tissue
Pertussis Whooping cough
Pneumoconiosis Disease caused by inhaling dust particles including coal dust
Pulmonary edema Accumulation of extra vascular fluid in the lung tissues and alveoli
Pulmonary embolism Blockage in an artery of the lungs caused by a mass of undissolved matter Blood clots,tissue, air bubbles and bacteria
Rhonchus Abnormal breath sound heard on auscultation of an obstructed airway
Stridor High pitch harsh adventures breath sound caused by a spasm or swelling of the larynx/ obstruction in upper airway
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Unplanned/unexpected death of normal healthy infant (crib death)
Wheeze Whistling or sighing sound/ narrow of the lumen of the respiratory passageway
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