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political science ex

Giddeon v Wainwright 1963 Protecting accused from trial protects the accused by granting them the right to legal counsel in both capital and non capital cases regardless of the ability to pay for an atterney
Witherspoon v Illinois 1968 Protecting the accused for trial protects the accused by preventing the prosecution from imposing a "stacked" jury
United States v Virginia 1996 Affinitive action in Higher Education Male only admission ONLY state-supported military academies were unconstitutional Equal Protection Clause on the 14th Amendment
Gatz v Bollinger 2003 Affinitive action in Higher Education The court upheld Affirmative Action at the University of Michigan Graduate school. but not the undergrad school
Loving V Virginia 1967 Right to Marriage The court stuck down all state laws banned "inter racial marriages" Prior to 1967 some states made it a criminal offense to engage in an inter racial marriage and subject to prison
Goodrich v Department of Public Health 2004 Right to Marriage by order of the supreme court, Massachusetts " same sex marriage" Mass. became the first state to legalize same sex marriage. Gay marriage
Faragher V City of Boca Raton 1998 Sex crimes sexual harassment in the workplace. not mentioned in the Civil right Act 1964 ambiguity that can exist in law
United States v Williams 2007 Sex Crimes
Lundman v First Church of Christ 1993 Free expression of religion
Zelman v Simmons 2001 Free expression of religion
Miranda v Arizona 1966 Read me my rights a suspect must be read his rights upon arrest before intermigration The suspect has the right to remain silent the right to an attorney Ernesto Miranda case 1966
Dickerson v United states 2000 Read me my rights
Roe v Wade 1973 Abortion Rights 9th Amendment, right to privacy and the entirety of the Bill of Rights a woman has the right to an abortion.
Gonzalez v Carhart 2007 Abortion Rights The Supreme Court reversed its stance on partial birth abortion, largely due to the replacement of Sandra Day O'Conner with Samuel Alito as an associate justice on the court
Buckley v Valeo 1978 Campaign on finance Decisions The court declared that "money is speech" and protected by the first amendment therefore a candidate is entitled to spend as much of their own money as they wish in order to win office.
Lifted the restrictions in corporate and union spending in federal election campaign, victory to corporation in using their money to fund elections to their advantage
Created by: valeriharris
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