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Female reproductive

Destruction of tissue by rapid freezing Cryosurgery
Process of viewing the abdominal cavity Laparoscopy
Visual exam of the vagina and cervix Colposcopy
Process of measuring the pelvis either manually or by X-ray Pelvimetry
X-ray of the uterus and Fallopian tubes Hysterosalpingography
Inserting a needle to withdraw fluid for viewing Aspiration biopsy
Surgical removal of tissue for viewing Biopsy
Obtaining a sample of endometrial tissue Endometrial biopsy
Removal of tumor and adjacent tissue Lumpectomy
X-ray of breast tissue Mammography
Removal of breast, lymph nodes, and muscle Radical mastectomy
Removal of breast only Simple mastectomy
Removal of breast and lymph nodes Modified radical mastectomy
Opening of urethra Meatus
Surgical removal of cone shaped piece of cervix Conization
Surgical puncture through wall of vagina Culdocentesis
Excessive bleeding with menstruation Menorrhagia
Painful menstruation Dysmenorrhea
Infrequent menstruation Oligomenorrhea
Excessive bleeding other than with menstruation Metrorrhagia
Absence of menstruation Amenorrhea
Period of life where ability to reproduce begins Puberty
Premenstrual phase Days 15-28 between ovulation and menstruation
Cessation of menstruation Menopause
Postmenstrual phase Days 6-12 between menses and ovulation
Menstrual phase Days 1-5
Shedding of uterine lining Menstruation
Day 14 of 28 day cycle Ovulation
First menstrual cycle Menarche
A woman who has never been pregnant Nulligravida
First pregnancy Primigravida
Giving birth for the first time after 20 weeks Primipara
Giving birth before 20 weeks gestation Nullipara
Sexual intercourse Copulation
Fertilization Conception
Tapping on the uterus through the vagina to make the fetus bounce Ballottement
Suturing the cervix Cerclage
Fetus settling into pelvis Lightening
Bluish violet hue of cervix and vagina Chadwick’s sign
Softening of the lower uterus Hegar’s sign
Softening of cervix Goodwell’s sign
First feeling of movement Quickening
Fingerlike ends of fallopian tubes Fimbriae
Top of the uterus Fundus
Mature sperm or ovum Gamete
Stretch marks Striae gravidarum
Dark vertical line on abdomen Linea nigra
Most severe form of hypertension Eclampsia
Conception to 8th week Embryo
Egg Ovum
9+ weeks Fetus
Female sex hormone Estrogen
Over 130/80 High blood pressure
Chloasma Pregnancy mask
Removal of Fallopian tubes “tying” Salpingectomy
Removal of ovaries and Fallopian tubes Salpingoopherectomy
Removal of ovaries Oopherectomy
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