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8th SS -Constitution

Constitution: Legislative Branch

2 chambers of Congress Senate and House of Represenatives
Article that talks about the legislative branch Article 1
who is the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
where does Congress meet Capitol Building
city where Congress meets Washington D.C.
main duty of the legislative branch make laws
term of a senator 6 years
term of a representative 2 years
# of senators 100
# of representatives 435
serves as the jury in the case of impeachment Senate
starts all revenue bills House
approves all treaties Senate
approves presidential appointments Senate
starts impeachment proceedings House
favors small states Senate
favors equal representation Senate
favors large states House
presiding officer of the Senate Vice President
age for a senator 30 years old
age for a representative 25 years old
citizenship qualification of senator 9 years
citizenship qualification of representative 7 years
senators from Illinois Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin
democrat someone who believes in a strong and large central government
republican someone who believes in a weak and small central government
extremist someone who will stop at nothing to get their political ways
elastic clause Congress shall “make all laws which shall be necessary and proper"
ex post facto law a law that turns an act into a crime after the act has been committed
full faith and credit clause every state must accept the decision of all other states
implied powers Powers not expressed in the Constitution believed to be valid
lobbies groups that seek to influence our legislators
filibuster a long speech that lasts for a day or more / prevents action from happening on the floor of Congress
pocket veto when the president does not act at all for 10 days on the bill and Congress is no longer in session after 10 days, the bill is automatically vetoed
fraction of Congress needed to override a presidential veto 2/3
quorum majority of members + 1
how often does a census take place every 10 years
president pro tempore serves in absence of the Vice President when the Senate is in session
current Vice President Mike Pence
current President of the United States Donald Trump
logrolling the practice of exchanging political and legislative favors
pork barrel spending spending that is intended to benefit constituents of a politician in return for their political support
number of powers given to Congress 18
bill of attainder an act passed by a legislature to punish a person without a trial
habeas corpus an order to a jailor to bring a prisoner to court or to set them free
extradition criminal found in a different state must return to state where crime was committed
Created by: MissMisiak